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    300W (1/2 hp) Floor Blower

    SKU: ATO-FB-300W
    Low noise 300W (1/2 hp) floor blower is a carpet dryer with selectable 3 wind speeds and rollers + levers portable design. High-quality floor dryer can operate 24 hours a day, suitable for home use or small areas.

    1000W (1.5 hp) Floor Blower

    SKU: ATO-FB-1000W
    Quiet 1000W (1.5 hp) floor blower for sale online. It can work continuously for 24 hours, equipped with rollers and rollers, 3 adjustable wind speeds (1215/1313/1375 rpm), and can dry carpets and floors with high air volume. This high-power floor dryer is specially designed for shopping malls, restrooms, hotels and kitchen drying.

    1500W (2 hp) Floor Blower

    SKU: ATO-FB-1500W
    High power 1500 watt (2 hp) floor dryer is suitable for use in larger scenes. Quiet carpet blower can work 24 hours a day, with a roller, levers and 3 adjustable wind speeds (1215/1313/1375 rpm), which can dry the floor with large air volume.