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    300W (1/2 hp) Floor Blower

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    Low noise 300W (1/2 hp) floor blower is a carpet dryer with selectable 3 wind speeds and rollers + levers portable design. High-quality floor dryer can operate 24 hours a day, suitable for home use or small areas.
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    Quiet 300W (1/2 hp) floor blower for sale, equipped with three selectable wind speeds (1120/1300/1500 r/min). Portable design with rollers and levers for easy movement. Low price carpet blower can work continuously, making it ideal for home use or smaller areas.


    • Model: ATO-FSD-300W
    • Power: 300W (About 1/2 hp)
    • Voltage/Frequency: 220V/50Hz
    • Adjustable Speed: 1120/1300/1500 r/min
    • Weight: About 6kg
    • Application: Suitable for Home Use/Small Area


    • This 300W floor blower is made of high-strength polyethylene raw material and is rotomolded in one step, which is resistant to falling and wear.
    • The roller and pull rod design makes movement easier. 1/2 hp floor dryer can adjust the dry speed, making the machine more energy-saving and efficient.
    • Protable carpet dryer has an electrode spiral air duct design, which effectively prevents air vortex and reduces mechanical noise.

    Dimension (Unit: cm)

    300W floor blower dimension


    Floor blower applications

    Tips: What is a floor blower?

    A floor blower is a type of portable blower designed to provide powerful and directional airflow, typically used for various industrial, commercial, or residential purposes. These blowers are characterized by their compact and sturdy design, often featuring a floor-standing configuration for stability. The primary function of a floor blower is to circulate air efficiently across a given space, helping to cool or ventilate the area.

    Floor blowers find applications in various settings, including workshops, construction sites, gyms, warehouses, and homes. They are particularly useful in drying wet surfaces, expelling fumes, improving air circulation, and maintaining a comfortable environment. Some floor blowers come with adjustable settings, allowing users to control the speed and direction of the airflow according to their specific needs.

    These blowers often have robust housing to withstand demanding environments and are equipped with a powerful motor to generate the necessary air velocity. The versatility and mobility of floor blowers make them valuable tools for tasks ranging from drying freshly painted walls to promoting air exchange in large indoor spaces.

    Existing reviews of 300W (1/2 hp) Floor Blower
    The efficiency of floor blower is very high
    This week, it rained rainstorm, and my 1000 square meter basement had water seepage, which damaged my carpet and other items.I purchased floor blower in an effort to dry my carpets and other items and reduce the onset of mold and mildew. The blower is very strong and has done an amazing job of drying things out making their removal and disposal much easier. I was concerned about the length of time I could leave the blower on and am please that I can run it for several continuous days with no negative impact to the fan. I hope to never have the need for this again but have comfort in knowing I can rely on it getting the job done should I need it in the future.
    From: robybobby | Date: 29/04/2024
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