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    Magnetic Flow Meter for Sewage Water/Wastewater, DN15-DN200

    Magnetic flow meter or electromagnetic meters for all conductive liquids like wastewater/sewage water, nominal diameter DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN50, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200 for choice, supply voltage 110V AC, 220V AC or 24V DC, output signal 4-20mA, flange mounting, with integral and remote structure design, small pressure loss, high precision and reliability, good compatible with all kinds of pipes, etc.

    Vortex Flow Meter for Liquid/Gas/Steam, DN15-DN300

    Low cost vortex meter can measure the flow rate of liquids, gases and steam, applicable pipe size from DN15 to DN300. High accuracy vortex flowmeter has fully isolated design, optional LCD display for direct data reading, selectable various signal output like pulse output, 4-20mA output and RS485 communication, as well as integrated pressure / temperature compensation for precise compressor air or steam measurement. With clamp or flange connection and power by Li-ion battery, the vortex meter is easy to install, low-maintenance, reliable and safe.

    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter for Water/Oil, DN4-DN200

    Low price turbine flow meter can be used for liquid flow measurement such as water and oil in the pipe size of DN4 ~ DN200 mm, 1.0%R measuring accuracy, 24V DC power supply, threaded or flange connection. Optional 4-20mA signal output and LCD display instantaneous flow / accumulative flow, RS485 also available. High accuracy, and good repeatability, best turbine flow meter for petroleum, chemical and other industries.

    Portable Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Water

    SKU: ATO-FLOW-2100H
    Portable ultrasonic flow meter is designed for wide pipe sizes ranging from 40mm to 1200mm in nominal diameter with accuracy ±1% of reading. Big LCD display, built-in large capacity data logger, batteries-powered for long working. With clamp-on installation, the non invasive flow meter is easy to install, convenient to operate, and less maintenance, suitable for virtually all pure liquids like water, gasoline, oils and so on. High accuracy, good repeatability and low price.

    Digital Gas Flow Meter, Air/Oxygen/Nitrogen, 0-250L/min

    SKU: ATO-FLOW-MF5700
    Small gas mass flow meter, selectable flow range 0~20L/min (DN 6mm), 0~100L/min (DN 8mm) and 0~250L/min (DN 12mm). Digital display, easy to read. High sensitivity and good repeatibility, accurate to trace the flow rate. Battery-powered, low power consumption. Favorable price and high reliability, suitable for instantaneous flow rate and flow accumulation of compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

    Small Gas Mass Flow Meter, Air/O2/N2, 0-2/5/50L/min

    SKU: ATO-FLOW-MF4000
    Small gas mass flow meter is characterized with compact size, high accuracy and good repeatability, designed for low gas flow rate (0-2/ 5/ 50L/min) in the gas lines of 3mm and 8mm in diameter, easy for installation with BST1/4 (R1/4) connection, LED display instantaneous flow rate and flow accumulation, suitable for wide applications involving compressor air, O2, N2, etc.

    Gas Mass Flow Meter, Air/N2/O2/CO2, 0~50/120/300/800L/min

    SKU: ATO-FLOW-MF5000
    Affordable price gas mass flow meter. Rating pressure 1.5 MPa, flow range 0~50/120/300/800L/min for selection, output signal 4-20mA/RS485/pulse 0~5VDC, power supply DC 8~24V, working current 50mA. Small gas flow meter with digital display, applicable gas air, nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), Argon, carbon dioxide (CO2), etc.

    Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter for Water/Gas/Liquid

    Metal tube variable area flow meter is used for the detection of water, gases and liquids, supports multiple output protocols with data backup, and power failure protection. Metal tube variable area flow meters offer excellent repeatability and help to accurately measure and precisely control complex industrial processes.

    Wall Mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Water

    Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter ranging from DN25 to DN600mm, with ultra large scale integrated circuit design, low hardware count, low voltage operation and multiple pulse emission. The Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter is compatible with 4-20mA/OTC pulses, RS485 communication, IP65 protection class allows the flowmeter to be used in harsh field environments for long periods of time.

    Waterproof Turbine Flow Meter for Diesel/Fuel/Gas/Water

    Digital turbine flow meter available in two nominal diameters, 3/4 inch and 1 inch, equipped with a digital display, this stainless steel turbine flow meter offers real-time, easy-to-read measurements. The waterproof digital turbine flow meter is the ideal solution for accurate and reliable flow measurement in various industrial applications.

    Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter, DN100-DN3000

    Reasonable price and high quality insertion type magnetic flow meter for sale online. The medium of insertion magnetic flowmeter is water. Working temperature of insertion electromagnetic flow meter between -20 ℃ and 70 ℃. It often used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy and textile.

    Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter, DN65-DN1000

    Thermal gas mass flow meter with digital design at affordable price for sale online. The response speed of gas mass flow meter is 1s. Structure form of this flow meter is plug-in type. Thermal gas mass flowmeter widely used in cement plant, glass factory and water treatment.

    Oval Gear Flow Meter, DN10-DN200

    Competitive price oval gear flow meter with liquid crystal display for sale. The working temperature of gear flow meter between 30 ℃ and 80 ℃. IP65 high protection level can be used at ease. oval gear flowmeter often used in petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical field.

    Digital Turbine Flow Meter for Diesel/Fuel/Gas/Water

    Factory price digital flow meter for sale. The provided stainless steel/aluminum alloy turbine flowmeter can be used for flow monitoring of diesel, gas, kerosene, methanol, and water. 1 inch/1.5 inch/2 inch/2.5 inch/3 inch turbine-type flow meters are available online.

    A flow meter is a measuring device that is used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid. offers you various flow meters including magnetic flow meters, vortex flow meters, turbine flow meters, portable ultrasonic flow meters and small gas mass flow meters.

    • The magnetic flow meter or electromagnetic meter for all conductive liquids has measuring pipe size range of DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN50, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200 for choice.
    • The vortex flow meter is applicable pipe size from DN15 to DN300, suitable for liquids, gases and steam.
    • The turbine flow meter can be used for liquid flow measurement such as water and oil in the pipe size from DN4 to DN200 mm.
    • Portable clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter has a wide  measuring range of DN300-DN6000 with different size of transeducers - small/medium/large.
    • Digital gas flow meter for air/oxygen/nitrogen has selectable flow range 0~10L/min (DN 6mm), 0~25L/min (DN 6mm) and 0~200L/min (DN 12mm). The small one is also available, designed for low gas flow rate in the gas lines of 3mm and 8mm in diameter.

    What is an electromagnetic flow meter?

    A magnetic flowmeter or electromagnetic flowmeter is an instrument, based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, to measure the flow rate of a conductive fluid by the electromotive force induced by the conductive fluid going through an external magnetic field. The structure of the magnetic flowmeter is mainly composed of magnetic circuit system, measuring conduit, electrodes, housing, liner, and converter.

    Magnetic Flowmeter Features

    • The measurement is not affected by changes in fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.
    • There is no component to obstruct the flow in the measuring tube without pressure loss and with low requirement for the straight pipe section.
    • If choosing reasonable sensor lining and electrode material, the magnetic flowmeter will has good corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.
    • The converter uses a novel excitation method, featuring low power consumption, zero point stability, high accuracy.
    • The converter can be integrated with the sensor, i.e. integral type or be separated from the sensor, i.e. remote type.
    • The sensor’s induced voltage signal is linearly related to the average flow velocity, so the measurement accuracy is high.

    Flow meter applications

    The flow meter can not only monitor the flow of the medium in real time, but also can feed back the information to the automation system, and the system can carry out subsequent data analysis and related automation control work. The automation of flow meter has greatly reduced a lot of manpower and material resources in many industrialized enterprises.

    The role of the flow meter is very wide: It is used in industrial and agricultural production, national defense construction, scientific research, foreign trade, and various fields of people's life. In the production of petroleum industry, from the exploitation, transportation, smelting, processing and trade sales of petroleum, flow measurement runs through the whole process. Any link is inseparable from the flow measurement, otherwise the normal production and trade exchanges of the petroleum industry will not be guaranteed.

    In the chemical industry, if the flow measurement is inaccurate, the distribution ratio of chemical components will be unbalanced. Then the product quality cannot be guaranteed, and serious production safety accidents will occur.

    In the production of electric power industry, the flow meter plays an important role in the measurement and regulation of the flow of liquid, gas, steam and other media. The accuracy of flow measurement is not only of great economic significance to ensure the operation of power plants under the best parameters, but also with the development of high-temperature, high-pressure and large-capacity units, flow measurement has become an important part of ensuring the safe operation of power plants. If the instantaneous water flow of large-capacity boilers is interrupted or reduced, it may cause serious dry boiler or pipe burst accidents. This requires that the flow measurement device should not only measure accurately, but also issue an alarm signal in a timely manner.

    In the production of iron and steel industry, the flow measurement of circulating water and oxygen (or air) in the steelmaking process is one of the important parameters to ensure product quality. In light industry, food, textile and other industries, flow measurement is also inseparable.

    How to install digital gas flow detector?

    The gas flow meter is preferably installed horizontally. Flow direction should be the same as the direction of the arrow mark on the meter body. If there may be particles or debris in the fluid, a filter is strongly recommended to be installed upstream of the meter.

    Please follow the below steps to complete the installation:

    1. Check if the meter is complete, no visual damage first.
    2. Before installation, make sure that there is no debris or particles in the pipe.
    3. During installation, it is recommended to first install the inlet of the flow meter and then the outlet. To ensure the accuracy of measurement, the straight pipe length should be remained enough at the installation site of flow meter, upstream no less than 10 times DN and downstream no less than 5 times DN.
    4. Make sure all the wire connections of the flow meter is correct including the wires for LCD, input/output and communication.
    5. Turn on the power supply, and ensure that the LCD works properly.
    6. Slowly turn on the valve of the pipeline, and then the flow meter starts to measure the gas flow in the pipeline.

    How to choose a flow meter?

    From the point of view of the flow rate, if the flow rate is high relative to the flow rate, you can choose electromagnetic flowmeter, if the flow rate is relatively low, choose metal rotor can also be. Mainly also depends on other parameters, temperature and pressure, etc.

    One-piece electromagnetic flowmeter in addition to measuring the general flow of conductive liquids, but also can measure the liquid-solid two-phase flow, high viscosity liquid flow and salts, strong acids, strong alkaline liquid volume flow.

    Generally in the design of the selection, the lower flow rate is generally selected relatively high, if the large flow rate is less than 1M / S will not choose the electromagnetic class speed flowmeter. Is the imported electromagnetic flowmeter, generally at 0.1M / S, the accuracy will drop to 1.0 level, which is mainly due to: the converter directly affects the ability of the instrument to suppress external interference signals.