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    Metal Tube Variable Area Flow Meter for Water/Gas/Liquid

    Metal tube variable area flow meter is used for the detection of water, gases and liquids, supports multiple output protocols with data backup, and power failure protection. Metal tube variable area flow meters offer excellent repeatability and help to accurately measure and precisely control complex industrial processes.
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    Metal tube variable area flow meter for sale, 4-20MA output, RS485, HART communication output optional. The flow meters can be used to detect the flow of liquids, gases and steam and are particularly suitable for flow measurement of low flow and small flow media.


    Model ATO-LZ-20
    Measuring Range Water (20°C) (01-200000) L/h Air 20°C.0.1013MPa): (0.5~2000)m3/h
    Range Ratio Standard type 10:1 special type 20:1
    Accuracy Class Standard type 1.5 class, special type 1 class, gas type 1.5 class
    Pressure Level Standard type: DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa DN65~DN200≤ 1.6MPa
    High Pressure Type Temperature range: -80°C~200°C, DN15~DN100≤10MPa
    Connection Method Flange type,sanitary clamp type,common thread type,sanitary thread type
    Medium Temperature Standard type -20°C~120°C PTFE 0°C~80°C, high temperature type 120°C~450*C low temperature type -80°C-20°C
    Ambient Temperature Remote type: -40°C~+70°C (LCD will not be damaged) LCD normal operation at -20°C~+70°C, local pointer type, local alarm type: -40°C~+80°C
    Power Supply Standard type: 24VDC 2-wire (4 20) mA (12VDC ~32VDC)
    Alarm Type 24VDC multi-wire (4 20)mA (12VDC~32VDC)
    AC Type (100~240) VAC 50Hz -60Hz
    Battery Type 3.6V@9AH lithium battery, can last for three years
    Load Characteristics RLmax: 600 Intrinsically safe: 5000
    Alarm Output Upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm, optocoupler signal isolation Darlington tube output (internal 24VDC power supply maximum current 8mA. External power supply 250mA@36VDC)
    Local alarm type: upper limit, lower limit or upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm Reed switch switch alarm (contact capacity 1A@30VDC) optional normally open and normally closed
    The upper limit and lower limit alarm hold range is up to 60% of the range, and the minimum interval between the upper and lower limit alarms is 10% of the range
    Pulse Output The cumulative pulse output is an optocoupler signal isolated Darlington tube output (internal 24VDC power supply, maximum current 8mA)
    Protection Class IP65
    Intrinsically Safe Parameters Ui≤28V li≤100mA Pi≤0.7W Ci≤0.021 μF Li≈0mH


    Flow meter applications

    Tips: What is the working principle of a metal tube variable area flow meter?

    The metal tube variable area flow meter float is in the measuring tube. With the change of flow, the float moves upward, and the buoyancy of the float and the gravity of the float reach a balance at a certain position. At this time, the flow annulus area between the float and the orifice plate (or cone tube) remains constant. The area of the annular gap is proportional to the rising height of the float, that is, the rising position of the float in the measuring tube represents the flow rate, and the position of the changing float is transmitted by the internal magnet to the external indicator so that the indicator can correctly indicate the flow value at this time. . This makes the indicator housing, not in direct contact with the measuring tube, so even if limit switches or transmitters are installed, the instrument can be used under high temperature and high pressure working conditions.

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