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    Dual Arm Portable Fume Extractor

    SKU: ATO-FE-C200
    High quality dual arm mobile fume extractor, smoke air purifier, which can capture harmful smoke through independent ducts and adjustable air volume, significantly improving the working environment. 200W, voltage 110V and 220V available, easy filter replacement.

    Dual Arm Portable Fume Extractor, Digital Display

    SKU: ATO-FE-C200Y
    Dual arm portable fume extractor with LCD display, AC 110 or AC 220V, rated power 200W, it's designed to filter the harmful substances, such as hydrocarbon and cyanide, during the process of soldering, tin dipping in the solder pot, laser marking, and carving, printing, etc.

    Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Arm

    SKU: ATO-FE-C100
    Industrial fume extractor with flexible arm and filters, voltage can choose 110V or 220V, 80W, air purifier for smoke, portable fume extractor can catches harmful smoke with freestanding ducts and adjustable air volume to significantly.

    Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Arm, Digital Display

    SKU: ATO-FE-C100Y
    Low cost welding fume extractor voltage 110V or 220V is available, with flexible arm, LCD display, it is widely used in chemical industry, food industry and pharmaceutical. Free shipping and factory direct sale.

    Solder Fume Extractor

    SKU: ATO-FE-CN301
    Portable solder fume extractor with flxible arm, rated power is 300W, 110VAC or 220VAC, it has the characteristics of high purification efficiency, low noise, flexible use and small volume, cheap price and manufacturer direct sales.

    Welding Fume Extractor

    SKU: ATO-FE-CN300
    Portable welding fume extractor, with flexible arm, 600W, 110V/220V, it has the advantages of stable operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption, used for welding, polishing, cutting, grinding process such as the purification of the smoke and dust, manufacturer direct sale.

    Fume extractor, also known as welding fume extractor, is a purification device designed for industrial welding of soot and lightweight particles. It is light, flexible and easy to operate. ATO fume extractor at a low price, manufacturer direct sale. It is also widely used in chemical, electronic, metal processing, tobacco, glass, pharmaceutical, food processing, clean room, hospital and other industries and other places with dust and smoke pollution. ATO solder fume extractor 110V or 220V for choice, with digital display and dual arms to purify the air for your work.

    4 Tips for Using Welding Fume Extractor:

    1. Cleaner and maintenance of welding fume extractor, especially replacement of filter materials. Follow the instructions on the instructions to clean and replace the filter on time. For immediate observation, refer to the actual use situation to make timely replacement, especially when the machine itself replaces the filter screen and the filter indicator light shows that the filter material has completely failed, and the continued use will cause secondary pollution. An electrostatic adsorption purifier equipped with a cleaning signal lamp, when the signal light is on, it indicates that the dust collection is full, and the dust collecting plate is to be cleaned.
    2. Pay attention to safety. Electrostatic adsorption air purifiers should be used in direct contact with children because of their high voltage to prevent electric shock. Activated carbon filter elements and high-efficiency filters should be kept away from fire sources during use, and smokers' cigarettes should be inadvertently inhaled to prevent fires.
    3. The position where the portable fume extractor is placed is very important. If it can be placed in the middle of the house, it is best to purify the indoor air through the air flow. Do not place it on the wall or furniture. Even if it is used for more than 1m, the purification effect can be guaranteed.
    4. Do not open the window when opening the air purifier. Opening the window will lose the purification effect, when opening, please close the doors and windows to create a closed space.

    3 Key Advantages of Portable Fume Extractor:

    1. Health and safety. When hazardous fumes (such as acetaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, isocyanate, etc.)are removed from the air, the safety of the workers is ensured with the help of a vacuum fume extractor.
    2. Environmental commitment. Air pollution due to industrial fumes is significantly reduced with the help of industrial fume extractors. The air quality needs to meet national and international environmental standards.
    3. Better working environment. The harmful fumes make it very hard to work for the workers. The atmosphere of the industry should be improved to provide a better working environment.

    How Does a Fume Extractor Work?

    Fume extractors are used to extract and filtrate toxic fumes and dust from work environments. Such systems performance is under close regulation by laws regarding workspaces. A fume extractor is basically a piece of equipment that sucks the contaminated air with all the particles in it and cleans that same air through a filter (or series of filters) before returning, the now clean air, back in the room. After filtration, all of the dust particles and toxic fumes should be collected within the filter. This process is possible thanks to the fume extractor fan, that generates the suction flow, and the filters, which filtrate the air.