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    Welding Fume Extractor

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    Portable welding fume extractor, with flexible arm, 600W, 110V/220V, it has the advantages of stable operation, high efficiency and low energy consumption, used for welding, polishing, cutting, grinding process such as the purification of the smoke and dust, manufacturer direct sale.
    SKU: ATO-FE-CN300
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    Manufacturer direct sales fume extractor can purify large amounts of suspended in harmful to human body small metallic particles in the air, 600W, can choose 110V or 220V, low noise and can be moved.


    1. 1 set of filter modules for fume extractor including 1 PCS primary filter + 1 PCS intermediate filter + 1 PCS advanced filter.

    2. Filter life: primary filter 7 ~ 30 days, intermediate filter 3 ~ 6 months, advanced filter 6 ~ 12 months.

    3. Buy a dual arm fume extractor, we will give a power line, a collector hood, a filter early effect, two sets of PP filter, activated carbon filter 2 sets, along with a warranty card and  manual.


    Model ATO-FE-CN300
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Power 600W
    Systemic Flow 650m3/h
    Iniet Flange φ90mm
    Niose 65dB
    Dimensions 440mmx340mmx820mm
    Filtering Efficiency 0.5μm 99.97%
    Warranty 12 Months
    Weight 50 Kg
    Length of Duct 1.4M (Please contact us for other lengths)

    Triple filter structure
    1. The primary filter will block and absorb a large amount of dust.
    2. The intermediate filter filters larger powders to extend the life of the main filter.
    3. Advanced filter consists of high efficiency filter and gas filter. Advanced filters purify gases and powders through a combination of activated carbon and other chemical treatments, then exhaust clean air from the air outlet.

    1. Rigid and shaped appearance, full metal frame structure, can resist strong impact and vibration, lightweight and easy to move.
    2. The installation is simple and convenient without additional pipes, which is conducive to the cleanliness and beauty of the working space.
    3. Multi-filtration design ensures to filter out harmful substances in smoke and protect human safety. Primary effect, medium effect and main filter element can be replaced separately, which prolongs the service life of main filter.
    4. The built-in air circulation filtration method can avoid the discharge of indoor air conditioning/heating to the outdoor environment and meet the environmental protection standards in a real sense.
    5. High-power brushless DC motor, ultra-low noise operation, long service life, eddy backward metal wheel design, high air volume, large suction force, safe and reliable.

    Tips for Using Welding Fume Extractor
    1. Cleaner and maintenance of welding fume extractor, especially replacement of filter materials.
    Follow the instructions on the instructions to clean and replace the filter on time. For immediate observation, refer to the actual use situation to make timely replacement, especially when the machine itself replaces the filter screen and the filter indicator light shows that the filter material has completely failed, and the continued use will cause secondary pollution. An electrostatic adsorption purifier equipped with a cleaning signal lamp, when the signal light is on, it indicates that the dust collection is full, and the dust collecting plate is to be cleaned.
    2. Pay attention to safety.
    Electrostatic adsorption air purifiers should be used in direct contact with children because of their high voltage to prevent electric shock. Activated carbon filter elements and high-efficiency filters should be kept away from fire sources during use, and smokers' cigarettes should be inadvertently inhaled to prevent fires.
    3. The position where the portable fume extractor is placed is very important.
    If it can be placed in the middle of the house, it is best to purify the indoor air through the air flow. Do not place it on the wall or furniture. Even if it is used for more than 1m, the purification effect can be guaranteed.
    4. Do not open the window when opening the air purifier.
    Opening the window will lose the purification effect, when opening, please close the doors and windows to create a closed space.

    This video will show you ATO Fume extractor, 110V / 220V fume extractor is optional.


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    Question about payment for welding fume extractor
    Regarding terms of payment. Do you have the capability to accept a credit card to get a payment order?
    From: Celeste | Date: 07/02/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, you can pay by credit card.
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