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    Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Arm

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    Industrial fume extractor with flexible arm and filters, voltage can choose 110V or 220V, 80W, air purifier for smoke, portable fume extractor can catches harmful smoke with freestanding ducts and adjustable air volume to significantly.
    SKU: ATO-FE-C100
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    Mobile fume extractor with fixes arm and filters, 80W, 110V/220V,  with particle filter can protect the main filter from large particles and extend the service life of the main filter.


    1. 1 set of filter modules for fume extractor including 1 PCS primary filter + 1 PCS intermediate filter + 1 PCS advanced filter.

    2. Filter life: primary filter 7 ~ 30 days, intermediate filter 3 ~ 6 months, advanced filter 6 ~ 12 months.

    3. Buy a dual arm fume extractor, we will give a power line, a collector hood, a filter early effect, two sets of PP filter, activated carbon filter 2 sets, along with a warranty card and  manual.


    Model ATO-FE-C100
    Voltage 110V/220V
    Power 80W
    Systemic Flow 235m3/h
    Iniet Flange φ75mm
    Niose 52dB
    Dimensions 425x250x480mm
    Filtering Efficiency 0.3μm 99.97%
    Warranty 12 Months
    Weight 14Kg
    Length of Duct 1.4M (Please contact us for other lengths)

    Triple filter structure
    1. The primary filter will block and absorb a large amount of dust.
    2. The intermediate filter filters larger powders to extend the life of the main filter.
    3. Advanced filter consists of high efficiency filter and gas filter. Advanced filters purify gases and powders through a combination of activated carbon and other chemical treatments, then exhaust clean air from the air outlet.

    1. Rigid and shaped appearance, full metal frame structure, can resist strong impact and vibration, lightweight and easy to move.
    2. The installation is simple and convenient without additional pipes, which is conducive to the cleanliness and beauty of the working space.
    3. Multi-filtration design ensures to filter out harmful substances in smoke and protect human safety. Primary effect, medium effect and main filter element can be replaced separately, which prolongs the service life of main filter.
    4. The built-in air circulation filtration method can avoid the discharge of indoor air conditioning/heating to the outdoor environment and meet the environmental protection standards in a real sense.
    5. High-power brushless DC motor, ultra-low noise operation, long service life, eddy backward metal wheel design, high air volume, large suction force, safe and reliable.

    Tips: Smoke Extractor Working Principle
    Through the gravitational action of the fan, the welding fumes are sucked into the air inlet of the device through the universal suction hood, and a flame arrester is arranged at the air inlet of the device. The spark is blocked by the flame arrester, and the soot gas enters the settling chamber, and the gravity and the upward airflow are used first. The coarse dust directly falls to the ash bucket, and the particulate soot is trapped on the outer surface by the filter element. After the clean gas is filtered and purified by the filter element, it flows into the clean room from the center of the filter element, and the clean air is further purified by the activated carbon filter and discharged through the air outlet.

    This video will show you ATO Fume extractor, 110V / 220V fume extractor is optional.


    Existing reviews of Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Arm
    I Love This Portable Chemical Fume Extractor!
    My work space is very small, but there is a lot of dust in the air. Working in such an environment for a long time will affect my health. So I bought a smoke purifier, which can change direction at will, it is really convenient to use! I also change the solder fume
    extractor filter often, in order to keep it clean.
    From: Jame | Date: 11/07/2019
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