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    Pipe Blockage Detector

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    20m Pipe Blockage Detector

    SKU: ATO-PBD-20
    Reasonable price and high quality pipe blockage detector with 20m for sale online. This pipe locator has a probe with a waterproof design. Smooth and wear-resistant waterproof probe, dry and wet pipes can be detected. Water pipe detector is commonly used in various industries, including plumbing, sewage systems and water treatment plants.

    30m Pipe Blockage Detector

    SKU: ATO-PBD-30
    Cost-effective price 30m underground pvc pipe locator for sale. This water pipe detector has a signal indicator, with the sensitivity adjustment knob. Switch soft rubber dust cover can effectively prevent dust from entering the pipe blockage detector.

    40m Pipe Blockage Detector

    SKU: ATO-PBD-40
    40m pipe blockage detector with affordable price and waterproof probe for sale online. The perfect combination of transmitter and receiver makes detection easier and faster. The application field of a pvc pipe detector is mainly in the domain of plumbing and sewage system.

    A pipe blockage detector is a device or system designed to identify and locate obstructions or clogs within a pipeline. This water pipe detector has a signal indicator, with the sensitivity adjustment knob.

    ATO online store provides different lenghs of pipe detector, such as 20m, 30m and 40m. Water pipe detector utilizes various techniques such as pressure monitoring, flow rate analysis, or sensors to detect changes in the pipe’s characteristics, enabling timely maintenance and preventing potential issues.