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    30m Pipe Blockage Detector

    Cost-effective price 30m underground pvc pipe locator for sale. This water pipe detector has a signal indicator, with the sensitivity adjustment knob. Switch soft rubber dust cover can effectively prevent dust from entering the pipe blockage detector.
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    The primary purpose of a pipe blockage detector is to ensure the smooth flow of fluids or gases through the pipes and to prevent disruptions, damage, or potential hazards.


    • The detector continuously monitors the pipe system in real-time.
    • With the sensitivity adjustment knob, the more signal lights, the more accurate the detection.
    • The switch is protected by soft rubber dust cover, which can effectively prevent dust.


    • Model: ATO-PBD-30
    • With Emitter: Yes
    • Measuring Distance: >50cm
    • Use Time: about 10 hours
    • Applicable Material: iron pipe, metal pipe, pvc pipe
    • Signal Line Length: 30m
    • Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃


    Pipe blockage detector structure


    Pipe blockage detector application

    Tips: How to Use Pipe Blockage Detector?

    • Put the signal line and the tip of the transmitter into the pipe until the signal line can not advance, at this time the location of the probe is the location of the blockage.
    • Turn on the power switch of the transmitter, the green indicator lights up.
    • Open the receiver power switch hand-held signal receiver along the general direction of the buried pipeline probe If close to the pipeline inside the probe receiver horn will emit a buzzing sound, the sound of the largest place is the blockage point, make a mark to draw the signal line to chisel the ground can be processed.
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