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    20m Pipe Blockage Detector

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    Reasonable price and high quality pipe blockage detector with 20m for sale online. This pipe locator has a probe with a waterproof design. Smooth and wear-resistant waterproof probe, dry and wet pipes can be detected. Water pipe detector is commonly used in various industries, including plumbing, sewage systems and water treatment plants.
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    A pipe blockage detector is a device or system designed to identify and locate obstructions or blockages within pipelines or plumbing systems.


    • The detector continuously monitors the pipe system in real-time.
    • With the sensitivity adjustment knob, the more signal lights, the more accurate the detection.
    • The switch is protected by soft rubber dust cover, which can effectively prevent dust.


    • Model: ATO-PBD-20
    • With Emitter: Yes
    • Measuring Distance: >50cm
    • Use Time: about 10 hours
    • Applicable Material: iron pipe, metal pipe, pvc pipe
    • Signal Line Length: 20m
    • Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃


    Pipe blockage detector structure


    Pipe blockage detector application

    Tips: How to Maintain Pipe Blockage Detector?

    • Scheduled inspections. Establish a regular schedule for inspecting the pipe blockage detector. This could be weekly, monthly, or as recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Clean the sensors. Depending on the type of pipe blockage detector, it may have sensors or probes that come into contact with the pipe or its contents.
    • Check connections and wiring. Ensure that all connections and wiring associated with the pipe blockage detector are secure and intact.
    • Document maintenance activities. Keep a record of all maintenance activities performed on the pipe blockage detector.
    Existing reviews of 20m Pipe Blockage Detector
    Great tool for the price
    I used it to find an underground pipe without doing too much work, it was really useful!
    From: Alvin | Date: 05/12/2023
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