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    Belt Tension Meter

    SKU: ATO-TM750
    Cheap price belt tension meter with measuring range of 0~750N for sale online. The tension meter has colored LED indications of High, Low, and OK. This belt tension tester measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt.

    Sonic Tension Meter, 10-680 Hz

    SKU: ATO-TM680
    Good price high quality sonic tension meter is a instruments for measuring belt tension, which with a 10-680 Hz measuring range, can store 20 sets of belt parameters, and the probe can be adjustable. The belt tension meter is an optically measuring maintenance tool for determining the belt tension force, a small impulse on the belt is sufficient to set the belt vibrating.

    Laser Belt Tension Meter

    SKU: ATO-TM500
    Cost-effective laser belt tension meter uses a laser sensor for direct measurement, which with a 10-500Hz measuring range, and a sensor depth of about 66mm. High-performance belt tension meter is suitable for measurement in small spaces.

    Spoke Tension Meter

    SKU: ATO-TM-SF-400
    The cheap bike spoke tension meter is made of aluminum alloy material which is not easily deformed and is durable. The bike spoke tension meter is used to build or repair wheels, and diagnose wheel problems.

    Bicycle Spoke Tension Meter

    SKU: ATO-TM-STT-01
    The bicycle spoke tension meter measuring tool is made of aluminum alloy material, sturdy and not prone to deform, and durable for long time use. This bike spoke tension meter is used to build or repair wheels, and diagnose wheel problems.

    7-50N/ cm Screen Tension Meter

    SKU: ATO-TM50
    High-resolution screen tension meter with a reasonable price for sale, the tension meter with a measuring range of 7~50N/cm. The stencil tension meter with high accuracy is an ideal tester for making a precision stencil and steel stencil.

    Stencil Tension Meter, 7-80N/ cm

    SKU: ATO-TM80
    ATO lower cost stencil screen tension meter with a measuring range of 7~80N/cm, measurement accuracy of 1N. The screen tension meter applies to measure mesh tension which is very dependable and accurate. The silk screen tension meter has correction zero, it's not allowed to be disassembled or re-fix it.

    A tension meter is a device used to measure tension in wires, cables, and textiles. offers the belt tension meter, screen tension meter and spoke tension meter for selection. Due to a variety of roller widths and measuring heads of the tension meter, as well as different measuring ranges, there is a suitable for the industry of automobile, textile, cables, wires, plastic films, paper, and printing.