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    Stencil Tension Meter, 7-80N/ cm

    ATO lower cost stencil screen tension meter with a measuring range of 7~80N/cm, measurement accuracy of 1N. The screen tension meter applies to measure mesh tension which is very dependable and accurate. The silk screen tension meter has correction zero, it's not allowed to be disassembled or re-fix it.
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    Buy a screen tension meter at a low price online, the tension meter with an accuracy of ±5% of full-scale, resolution 1N. This stencil tension meter is suitable for high-tension silk screen and stencil tension measurement, with high accuracy.


    Model: ATO-AG7-50
    Measuring Range: 7-80N/cm
    Measurement error±5% full range

    Operating Temperature: 10℃~50℃
    Transport Units of Measurement: N/cm

    Measurement Accuracy1N
    Meter Size: 76*42*108mm


    Stencil tension meter dimension


    Screen Tension Meter Details


    Tension meters are instruments that measure tension in cable, fiber, belts and webs, or sheets. ATO tension meter mainly used in belt tension measurement can also be applied to measure the tension of objects such as tapes, and wires. Widely applied in industries of automobile, textile, cables, wires, plastic films, paper, and printing.

    Stencil tension meter application


    Tips: How do you measure stencil tension?

    A measure of the stencil tension or tautness is how much will it deflect with a known force. A long bar extending one end to the other of the stencil with a plunger gauge in the middle that has a known weight applied to it will measure the deflection.

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