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    Belt Tension Meter

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    Cheap price belt tension meter with measuring range of 0~750N for sale online. The tension meter has colored LED indications of High, Low, and OK. This belt tension tester measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt.
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    Buy an ATO belt tension meter with a measuring range of 0~750N, accuracy of ±5% of full-scale, resolution ±1N, belt width up to 36 mm, overload alarm 750N, Max. load 850N. The high accuracy belt tension meter is widely applied in industries of automobile, textile, cables, wires, plastic films, paper, and printing.


    Model: ATO-BTT2880
    Measuring Range0-750N, 0-120lb, 0-77kg, 0-114seems
    Total Error<5%

    Operating Temperature: 10℃~50℃
    Transport Temperature: -5℃~70℃
    Display: LCD

    Units of MeasurementHz/N
    Power Supply4*1.5V AAA
    Meter Size: 135*62*33mm


    Sonic belt tension meter dimension


    Tension meters are instruments that measure tension in cable, fiber, belts and webs, or sheets. ATO tension meter mainly used in belt tension measurement can also be applied to measure the tension of objects such as tapes, and wires. Widely applied in industries of automobile, textile, cables, wires, plastic films, paper, and printing.

    Sonic belt tension meter application

    Tips: How does a tension meter work?

    Tension Meter measures belt tension by evaluating the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating rope or belt. Ropes and belts, vibrate at a specific natural frequency based on their mass, tension, and length.

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    Great Purchase
    Best Belt Tension Meter I've ever used. Easy to use and read. Replaces the same model used on the production line for ten years. Built to last.
    From: Leverette | Date: 27/03/2023
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