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    Rotary Potentiometer

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    100K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-100K
    The industrial linear taper rotary potentiometer with a resistance value of 100K Ohm. Rotary types of potentiometers are carefully crafted from high quality materials to ensure durability and long lasting performance. Reliable rotary switch resistors are suitable for multimedia, speaker, amplifier, and lighting regulation.

    10K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-10K
    Buy low priced variable rotary potentiometers with 10K Ohm resistance from This on/off rotary switch potentiometer is widely used for audio, guitar, amplifiers, electric lights, other arduino based two tone device projects and more.

    1M Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-1M
    Buy a cost effective 1M Ohm rotary potentiometer for precise control of volume, brightness and speed. The rotary potentiometer switch is compatible with both analogue and digital systems and can be easily integrated into a wide range of electronic systems and circuits.

    20K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-20K
    Compact rotary potentiometer with on off switch, made of robust materials to withstand harsh conditions of use, ensuring resistance to wear, vibration and temperature fluctuations. On/Off rotary potentiometer switches can be used for multimedia, audio amplifiers, lighting regulation and other electronic equipment.

    250K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-250K
    250K Ohm linear taper rotary potentiometer with on/off switch, available for frequency adjustment and volume adjustment. The rotary potentiometer allows the voltage or signal strength to be adjusted at two different operating points in the circuit.

    500K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-500K
    High quality 500K Ohm offers adjustable resistors, which can be continuously varied within a defined range by turning the rotary potentiometer. The rotary potentiometer with on off switch allows precise control of parameters such as volume, brightness, speed and other analogue functions.

    50K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    SKU: ATO-RP-50K
    Hot selling 50K Ohm rotary potentiometer switch for sale, offering smooth rotation for easy adjustment while effectively reducing any undesirable noise or friction. ATO On/Off rotary potentiometer switches are used in a wide range of applications including audio equipment, robotics, industrial automation, automotive systems and more.

    A rotary potentiometer is an electronic component that is used to vary resistance in an electrical circuit. It is a type of variable resistor whose resistance value can be manually adjusted by rotating a control knob or shaft. The resistive element is typically made of a material with a linear resistance variation, meaning the resistance changes proportionally as the contact moves along the strip. However, there are also potentiometers with logarithmic or exponential resistance variations, which are often used for audio applications to mimic the way humans perceive changes in loudness.

    Rotary potentiometers are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including audio equipment, instrumentation, robotics, and industrial control systems. They are often used for tasks such as volume control, tuning, position sensing, and setting parameter values in electronic devices. Our range of rotary potentiometers is your reliable choice, whether you are looking for high performance control elements or require a custom solution, we have what you need.