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    100K Ohm Rotary Potentiometer with On Off Switch

    The industrial linear taper rotary potentiometer with a resistance value of 100K Ohm. Rotary types of potentiometers are carefully crafted from high quality materials to ensure durability and long lasting performance. Reliable rotary switch resistors are suitable for multimedia, speaker, amplifier, and lighting regulation.
    SKU: ATO-RP-100K
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    linear taper rotary potentiometer with a resistance value of 100K Ohm, a convenient kit for fixing knobs on amplifiers or other appliances. The rotary potentiometer with on-off switch is compact and can be easily integrated into your design.


    • Model: ATO-RP-100K
    • Resistance Value: 100K ohm
    • Switching Power: 1A
    • Temperature Range: -10°C~100°C
    • Service Life: ≥ 10,000 cycles, ≥ 20,000 cycles
    • Application: Multimedia, speakers, amplifiers, light regulation, etc.


    • A rotary potentiometer provides variable resistance along its rotational axis.
    • Rotary potentiometers are available in different configurations and sizes, offering a wide range of resistance values and power ratings.
    • 100K Ohm rotary potentiometer can be found in various applications, including audio equipment, robotics, industrial control systems, and consumer electronics.
    • The potentiometer is designed to be rotated manually, allowing for precise control over the resistance. The resistance value changes proportionally to the angle of rotation.

    Dimension (unit: mm)

     Long terminal dimensions


    Rotary potentiometers are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including audio systems (such as volume control), instrumentation, robotics, and electronic circuits where manual control or adjustment is required. They provide a simple and cost-effective means of adjusting voltage, current, or signal levels in a circuit.

    Rotary potentiometer applications

    Tips: What is a rotary potentiometer?

    A rotary potentiometer, often referred to as a rotary pot or simply a potentiometer, is an electrical component used to measure and control the position or rotation of a mechanical shaft. It is a type of variable resistor that provides a variable voltage output based on the rotational position of its shaft.

    The basic construction of a rotary potentiometer consists of a resistive element, typically a thin, coiled wire, that is wound around a circular core. The resistive element is connected to three terminals: the input terminal (often referred to as the "wiper" or "slider") and two outer terminals (often referred to as the "end terminals").

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