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    Mig Welder Price List

    The mig welder has no welding current output.
    Fault reason: There is no voltage input at the input end of the welder, the internal wiring is disconnected or broken, the internal coil is burnt out.
    Treatment method: Check the switch, wire, fuse and connection part from the distribution box to the input end of the welder. Check that the wiring of the internal switch and coil of the welder is intact. Check if the internal components of the welder are burnt out (it is obvious that the burnt marks are usually burnt, and a special smell will be smelled when burned). If it burns out, it should be replaced.

    Magnetic Particle Clutch and Brake Price List

    The magnetic particle brake is a magnetic powder chain formed by the braking component and the moving component relying on the electromagnetic attraction of magnetic power. The magnetic particle brake is a high-performance and multifunctional automatic control component, which has been, so far, widely applied to unwinding and unrolling tension control of the paper-making industry, printing industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, textile industry, printing and dyeing industry, cable and wire industry, metallurgy industry, tablet press industry and other reeling processing industry. Characterized by the linear relationship between the exciting current and the transfer matrix, the magnetic powder brake can deliver certain torque, and has the advantages, including fast response, simple structure, non-pollution, non-noises, non-impact vibration, and energy conservation under the condition that the same slip is irrelevant.

    Fume Extrator Price List

    Welding fume extractor is easy to install, and requires no extra pavement of the smoke pipeline nor professionals' control. The large-power brushless electric machine is equipped to lengthen the service life of the equipment. When the equipment is operating, the noise volume is low, and the air flow is high. The triple filtration design is adopted, including the basic effect filter, intermediate effect filter and primary filter. The multilayer protection has achieved an ideal purification effect, which is above 99%, so the air after purification can be directly discharged indoor. The large-scale basic effect filter can effectively filter out dust of large particles to lengthen the service life of the main filter.

    Industrial Vibration Motor Price List

    Industrial Vibration motors rely on their own high-frequency vibration to generate the vibration force. Therefore, during the operation process, the motor itself will rise to a high temperature. Because of the existence of the fit clearance, the axle of the vibration motor after the temperature rise will expand. After the expansion, the axle and the bearing should have close cooperation with each other to achieve the normal operating status. Without the fit clearance, the vibration motor after the operating temperature reaches certain level will be faced with a series of problems, which might even stop operation or be burned. Hence, this problem requires more attention in vibration motor maintenance.

    Hipot Tester Price List

    The DC hi-pot tester, though with a higher test voltage, is found with insulation weaknesses, but the insulation of electric appliances is mostly composite dielectrics, whose voltage is distributed by resistance under the effect of DC voltage. Therefore, the DC hi-pot test might not find out the weaknesses of the DC electric appliances under the AC electric field. On the contrary, the AC hi pot tester is in line with the electric conditions imposed on the electric appliance during its operation process. Meanwhile, the AC hi-pot tester is generally higher than the operating voltage. Therefore, after passing the test, the appliance can gain a larger safety margin, so this test has been a major method to guarantee operation safety.

    Linear Scale and Digital Readout Price List

    Linear scale is a measuring and feedback device that works on the optical principle of grating. Linear scale is often used in the closed-loop servo system of CNC machine tools and can be used for Linear or angular displacement detection. The measured signal is digital pulse, which has the characteristics of wide detection range, high detection accuracy and fast response. For example, in CNC machine tools are often used to detect the tool and workpiece coordinates, to observe and track the feed error, in order to play a role in compensating the motion error of the tool. Linear scale is composed of a scale grating and a grating reading head. The scale grating is generally fixed on the fixed parts of the machine tool, the reading head of the grating is installed on the moving parts of the machine tool, and the indicating grating is installed in the reading head of the grating.

    Pneumatic Cylinder Price List

    A pneumatic cylinder is a cylindrical metal machine that guides a piston in a straight-line reciprocating movement in a cylinder. The air converts heat energy into mechanical energy through expansion  the engine cylinder, and the gas receives piston compression in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure.

    Industrial PCs Price List

    ATO Industrial fanless embedded computers are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes, offer a high level of performance and low level of power consumption. Used for data computing, remote monitoring, and the integration of hardware and software technologies, industrial PC's are ideal computing solutions for tight spaces because they are designed with small footprints and multiple I/Os.

    Shunt Power Capacitor Price List

    ATO provides two categories of capacitors: low voltage shunt power capacitor of the self-healing type (three-phase series) and self-healing low voltage shunt capacitor (single phase, for mineral thermal oven).
    Self-healing low voltage shunt power capacitors are used in 50Hz and 6oHz power system. The function of these capacitors contains: reducing reactive power loss, improving voltage quality, enlarging capacity of voltage transformer, etc.
    Even though the capacitor’s price varies with its capacity, ATO self-healing three/single phase shunt power capacitors are inexpensive. Here is the price list and welcome to select the best one for you!

    Gas Detector Price List

    A gas detector or gas monitor is a device to detect the concentration of a gas in one area. It is widely used to monitor the leakage of gas and give an alarm to ensure the safety of life and production. ATO offers a series of gas detectors to monitor the leakage of ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, hydrogen etc. There are two types - portable and fixed - for different requirements of applications. In addition, the portable gas detectors are available for diffusion-type and pump-type. Here is listed some features and prices of ATO gas detectors for your reference.

    ATO gas detector features

    • Adopt high-accuracy sensor with high precise detection.
    • Two-stage alarm with sound and light, and alarm point is settable.
    • With display, easy to readout.
    • Rugged and durable housing.
    • Portable gas detectors has rechargeable lithiumpolymer battery with large capacity.
    Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Price List

    A power inverter or inverter plays a role in converting the DC power from batteries to AC power for charging most appliances. According the output wave forms, it can be mainly divided into modified sine wave inverters and pure sine wave inverters. Then, what are the differences between them?
    A modified sine wave inverter outputs waveform that has a time interval from the maximum value in the positive direction to the negative value in the negative direction. That means, the waveform is still composed of broken lines, thus without good continuity. However, pure sine wave inverters can output stable true sine wave power as good as the one from the grid we use every day, without electromagnetic pollution. However, the pure sine wave inverter can output stable true sine wave power as good as the one from the grid we use every day, without electromagnetic pollution. It works higher efficiently, suitable for all kinds of loads. The pure sine wave inverter can be applied for common appliances and devices without interference.

    Industrial Camera & Lens Price List

    The industrial cameras on are available for the resolution ranging from 0.3MP to 6MP, monochrome and color, to meet the needs of various visual applications. This series of industrial cameras features high image quality, high frame rate and large resolution. The industrial cameras support GigE Gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 data bus standards. This series of industrial cameras have a good cost performance and they are very suitable for detection, measurement and high-speed imaging, such as mobile phone or tablet inspection, LED automatic packaging, defect detection, electronic component manufacturing, etc. The industrial lens is also available to you here. It is up to 5MP resolution standards. With a better photosensitivity and professional physical distortion correction design, it helps users to obtain more realistic and clear images. ATO industrial lens is an ideal choice of the industrial inspection, intelligent transportation and machine vision projects.

    Automatic Transfer Switch Price List

    Automatic transfer switch is used to automatically switch between common power source and backup power source. It can be used to detect the circuit. When the common power supply fails, the load is automatically switched to connect the backup power by the dual power ATS and can be operating normally. Due to its safe and reliable feature, ATO automatic transfer switch can be widely used in the electrical system.

    Proximity Sensor Price List

    The proximity sensor is a position sensor or switch that can have operation on the moving parts without mechanical contact. When the object gets close to the sensing surface of the sensor to the working distance (detection distance), the proximity sensor can operate without mechanical contact and pressure, thereby provide control instructions to the computer or PLC.
    There are two main types of ATO proximity sensors: inductive proximity sensors and capacitive proximity sensors. Inductive proximity sensors are specifically designed to detect metal, and capacitive proximity sensors are primarily used to detect dielectric, such as conductors, insulating liquids or powders. According to output methods and wiring, the proximity sensors can be divided into DC 2-wire NO/NC, DC 3-wire NPN/PNP type NO/NC, DC 4-wire NPN/PNP type NO+NC, AC 2-wire NO/NC and AC 3-wire NO+NC.

    Solenoid Valves Price List

    Different solenoid valves play different roles in the control system. The solenoid valve on can automatically control or remote control on-off the working media such as water, oil and liquid. The solenoid valves are widely applied in medical machinery, solar energy, cleaning equipment, food machinery, burners, welding and cutting, fire safety, environmental water treatment, machinery manufacturing and other industries.
    General purpose solenoid valve

    Photoelectric Sensor Price List

    Photoelectric sensor has a great many of models because of its wide range of applications. Today, ATO provides a photoelectric sensor price list for your reference. It's about the most common types of photoelectric sensor on the market. If you could not find the model you want, you can also contact us directly. ATO will provide more sensor price. ATO also can customize new photoelectric sensor according to your requirements.

    Pneumatic Solenoid Valves Price List

    ATO pneumatic solenoid valves are internal pilot operated to control the flow of air. There are available for valve functions of 2/2 way, 3/2 way NO or NC, and 5/2(3) way. The pneumatic solenoid valves also have various port sizes for your selection, including M5*0.8, Rc 1/8", Rc 1/4", Rc 3/8" etc. The below table is ATO pneumatic solenoid valve price list for your reference. For the detailed specifications, please check the product page.

    Input Line Reactor Price List

    The input reactor is used to restrain the sudden changes in the grid voltage and the current impact caused by overvoltage, smooth the peak voltage contained in the power supply voltage or the voltage defects caused by commutation of bridge rectifier circuit, thus effectively protecting VFD and improving power factor. It can not only prevent the interference from the power grid, but also reduce the pollution of the harmonic current generated by the rectifier unit to the power grid.

    Circuit Breaker Price List

    ATO miniature circuit breaker is mainly used for AC 50Hz or 60Hz, voltage ratings 230/400V, 240/415V and 277/480V, and current ratings from 1A to 63A. The miniature circuit breaker is characterized with compact structure, reliable performance, strong breaking capacity and beautiful appearance. It can be applied for overloading and short-circuit protection of lighting, distribution lines and equipment of office buildings, houses and similar buildings. The mini circuit breaker is also used for not frequently on-off operations and conversions on the lines.

    Output Line Reactor Price List

    When selecting a output line reactor, its function shall be firstly determined, then the reactance ratio can be selected according to its functions, finally, the output line reactor capacity is selected according to the capacitor capacity (reactor capacity is equal to the capacitor capacity multiplied by reactance ratio). Selection of a reactor is complex, power grid quality and parameters, capacitor parameters shall be determined.