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    Alarm & Siren Price List

    The function of the alarm is to send out a sound or signal in time when an emergency occurs to remind people to take action to prevent casualties and property losses. ATO provides different models of high-quality alarms and alarm lights used with the alarms for you to choose from to protect your safety. These include TOWL, GLASS alarm lights, AVALM, MOALM, and MDSR alarms. The price range of ATO alarms and lights is listed below for your reference. Please note that the table below only shows some prices, not all. For more information, please view the alarm product page.

    ATO alarm & siren price list

    Product Item Price

    Single phase wind screw motor alarm

    Motor Alarm, 130dB, One-Way, 220VAC/110VAC

    ATO-MOALM-MS390 $92.59~$187.83
    Motor Alarm, 120dB, 110VAC/220VAC ATO-MOALM-MS490 $240.74~$375.66
    Motor Alarm, 123dB, 110VAC/220VAC ATO-MOALM-MS590 $343.92~$439.16
    Motor Alarm, 130dB, AC 110V/220V ATO-MOALM-MS690 $457.67~$552.91
    Motor Alarm, 180dB, AC 220V/AC 110V ATO-MOALM-MS790 $481.4~$576.72

    Explosion proof motor alarm

    Explosion Proof Motor Alarm 119dB, 3 Phase 380V

    ATO-MOALM-JDW245B $2,039.68
    Motor Driven Siren 123.3dB, 3 Phase 380V/2.2kW  ATO-MDSR-JDL400 $1,959.98
    Motor Driven Siren, 123.3dB/125.8dB, 3 Phase 380V/4kW ATO-MDSR-JDW400 $3,084.66
    ATO-MDSR-JDL480 $2,978.84

    Audible and visual alarm

    Audible and Visual Alarm, 100-120dB, 380VAC/220VAC/24VDC

    ATO-AVALM-STSG-01 $166.67~$198.42
    ATO-AVALM-STSG-07 $166.67~$198.42
    ATO-AVALM-DX-200 $111.12

    ATO tower light & stack light price list

    Product Item Light diameter Light height Price

    Stack light

    Stack Light, LED/Bulb, DC 24V/AC 110V

    LTA504 42mm 40mm $72.61~$86.15
    LTA205 55mm 60mm $68.92~$74.15
    LTA505 55mm 60mm $79.67~$87.68
    LTA506 55mm 30mm $71.68~$90.45
    LTA507 55mm 60mm $72.30~$91.38

    Tower light

    Tower Light, LED/Bulb, Buzzer, DC 24V/AC 110V

    E5081 84mm 84mm $57.94~$59.79
    E1101 102mm 100mm $55.32~$57.17
    E5101 102mm 100mm $63.78~$65.63
    E5011 102mm 100mm $62.25~$64.10
    E5122 120mm 136mm $67.48~$69.33
    D5088 86mm 90mm $58.55~$60.40

    Note: The prices in the table are for reference only. For current quotes and other custom product information, please contact us today. Generally, you can get discounts on

    The alarm is an important safety device used to detect and warn of potential dangers or emergencies. Its functions include:

    • Fire safety: Fire alarms can detect smoke or heat caused by fires and send out alarm signals to remind people to take measures, such as evacuating the scene, thereby reducing casualties and property losses.
    • Intrusion detection: Intrusion alarms can detect illegal intrusions, such as someone breaking into a prohibited area, and sound an alarm to deter the thief and attract attention.
    • Environmental monitoring: Gas alarms can detect the concentration of harmful gases (such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide) and sound an alarm to remind you to take safety measures.
    • Vehicle safety: The car alarm can make a sound or notify the car owner through the remote control when the vehicle is stolen or illegally opened, reminding the car owner to take measures to prevent losses.
    • Emergency help: The emergency alarm can send out a sound or light signal in an emergency to attract the attention of people around you and ask for help.
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