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    Motor Alarm, 123dB, 110VAC/220VAC

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    123dB motor alarm adopts two-way alarm mode to realize emergency alarm in chemical, petroleum and other industries. It has an internal single phase motor with rotary speed 1000 rpm, cast aluminum alloy shell and protection class IP44. Motor alarm has optional working voltage 220VAC or 110VAC.
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    Motor alarm has high volume 123dB, optional working voltage AC 220V/AC 110V and two-way alarm mode.


    Model ATO-MOALM-MS590
    Shipping weight 12kg
    Dimension 288*250*286mm
    Working voltage * AC 220V, AC 110V
    Working frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Working current 1.8A, 3.6A
    Output volume 123dB
    Sound Continuous alarm sound (It is best to work for 2 minutes, and then stop working for 30 minutes. After the motor becomes cool, the motor alarm can work again.)
    Working mode Alarm when power on
    Shell material Cast aluminum alloy
    Color Red
    Protection class IP44
    Insulation resistance 100MΩ (at 500VDC)
    Motor speed 1000 rpm

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    Motor alarm 123dB AC 110V/220V dimension
    Tips: Different types of motor alarm
    1. According to the sound pressure level of the sound signal:

    • Large motor alarm: Sound pressure level is above 100 dB.
    • Medium-sized motor alarm: The sound pressure level is between 90 dB and 50 dB.
    • Small motor alarm: Sound pressure level is below 40 dB.

    2. According to the form of energy conversion:

    • Motor alarm: convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then convert mechanical energy into acoustic energy.
    • Electro acoustic alarm: The small audio signal is amplified by low-frequency power and converted into acoustic energy. That is, electronic energy is converted into sound energy.
    • Pneumatic alarm: Converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then converts mechanical energy into pneumatic energy, and converts pneumatic energy into acoustic energy.
    • Hand crank alarm: Use human hand to shake crank to issue an alarm signal.

    3. According to different installation conditions:

    • Fixed alarm: The alarm is installed in a fixed location.
    • Movable alarm: Alarms are installed in motor vehicles or other movable forms.
    • Lifting type alarm: Usually hidden in the ground, when need to issue an alarm, it will be raised on the ground.
    Existing reviews of Motor Alarm, 123dB, 110VAC/220VAC
    The temperature of the motor alarm
    What is the environmental temperature range in where your motor driven Siren can work properly?
    From: Paulh | Date: 19/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    It's -20-+60 degrees Celsius.
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