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    LCR Meter

    LCR meter is a tester for measuring specifications such as inductance (L), capacitance (C) and resistance (R), it is also called RLC meter, LCR tester or LCR bridge. Digital LCR meter is widely used for component evaluation on production line and basic impedance test on workbench. ATO high-precision LCR meter price is affordable, test specifications including |Z|, |A|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θd, θr, RDC, Vm, Im, △%, etc. Multiple test frequencies for selection, 50Hz~100kHz, 50Hz~200kHz, 20Hz~200kHz, 20Hz~1MHz. In addition to benchtop LCR meters, there are also the best handheld LCR meters, meeting multiple testing requirements.

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    Handheld LCR Meter, 100Hz~100kHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-1010
    Handheld LCR meter has cheap price. Test frequency can select 100Hz~10kHz or 100Hz~100kHz, basic accuracy is 0.20%. Measure inductance (L) max. 9999H, capacitance (C) max. 9999μF, resistance (R) max. 99.99MΩ. It is controlled by a high-performance 32 bit ARM microprocessor, the main and secondary specifications are displayed at the same time. Affordable and easy to use.

    Digital LCR Meter, 50Hz~100kHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-5010
    LCR meter price is affordable, frequency range can select 50Hz~100kHz or 100Hz~10kHz. Measure inductance (L) max. 99.999kH, capacitance (C) max. 99999µF, resistance (R) max. 99.999MΩ. Measurement accuracy up to 0.1%. Fast measurement speed and complete functions, suitable for various components.

    Digital LCR Meter, 50Hz~200kHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-5020
    Digital LCR meter is multi-functional precision digital LCR bridge. Test frequency is 50Hz~200kHz. Measure inductance (L) max. 9999.99H, capacitance (C) max. 9.9999F, resistance (R) max. 99.9999MΩ. Accuracy reach to 0.05%. It is can be used to all kinds of electronic components.

    Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~200kHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-2020
    Digital LCR meter price is competitive, frequency range 20Hz~200kHz/50Hz~100kHz/50Hz~200kHz for selection. Basic accuracy is 0.05%. Basic test specifications are L, C, R, |Z|, D, Q, |Y|, G, X, θd, θr, RDC, Vm, Im, △%. It is high-performance and compact digital LCR bridge suitable for various electronic component.

    Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~1MHz

    SKU: ATO-LCRM-20100
    Digital LCR meter has fair price, high frequency range 20Hz~1MHz. Basic accuracy is 0.05%. Measure inductance (L) max. 9999.99H, capacitance (C) max. 9.9999F, resistance (R) max. 99.9999 MΩ. It is multifunctional digital LCR bridge, supports level/frequency/offset scanning. Easy to study and simple operation.