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    Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~200kHz

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    Competitive price digital LCR meter. Frequency range 20Hz~200kHz/50Hz~100kHz/50Hz~200kHz for selection. Basic accuracy 0.05%. Basic test specifications are L, C, R, |Z|, D, Q, |Y|, G, X, θd, θr, RDC, Vm, Im, △%. It is high-performance and compact digital LCR bridge suitable for various electronic component.
    SKU: ATO-LCRM-2020
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    • 4.3-inch TFT LCD display, compatible with standard SCPI instructions. Ls-Rd/Lp-Rd function (L and Rd display at the same time). Supports U disk file storage, can be upgraded through U disk.
    • Voltage and current monitoring and automatic level adjustment.
    • Specification test function for single transformer (part type only).
    • 10mVrms-2.0Vrms programmable test level, built-in 0- + 5V/50mA bias source.


    Model ATO-LCRM-2830 ATO-LCRM-2831 ATO-LCRM-2832
    Display 4.3 TFT LCD display 480*272
    Basic Measurement Readiness LCRZ 0.05% 0.05% 0.05%
    DCR 0.10%
    Test Signal Frequency 50Hz-100kHz, 0.01Hz step 50Hz-200kHz, 37 points 20Hz-200kHz, 0.01Hz step
    Signal Source Output Impedance 30Ω, 100Ω
    AC Test Signal Level 10mV-2Vrms
    RDC Test Signal Level 1V DC 1V DC 5mV-2V DC
    DC Bias Voltage Source - - 0mA--±5V/0mA -- ±50mA
    Test Specifications Basic L, C, R, |Z|, D, Q, |Y|, G, X, θd, θr, RDC, Vm, Im, △%
    Transformer DCR1 (primary, 2-terminal), DCR2 (secondary, 2-terminal), M (mutual inductance) N, 1/N, phase (phase), Lk (leakage inductance), C (primary and secondary capacitance)
    Measurement speed (ms/ times) High: 12.5ms, medium speed: 83ms, slow: 167ms
    Equivalent Circuit Series, parallel
    Range Mode auto, keep
    Trigger Mode Internal, manual, external, bus
    Average Number of Times 1-255
    Clear Function Open circuit, short circuit, load
    Mathematical Operation Direct reading, △ABS, △%
    Trigger Delay Setting 0--60.000s, 1ms step
    Step Selay Setting 0--60.000s, 1ms step
    Power Requirements 110V~240V
    List Scan 201 point
    Scanning specifications: Test frequency, AC voltage, AC current, DC BIAS voltage, DC BIAS current
    Graphic Scanning Analysis no
    Unique Function
    L-RDC At the same time test, soft power switch, one button screen function, data recording function.
    Comparator Function 10 gear sorting, BIN1∽BIN9, NG, AUX
    gear counting function
    PASS, FALL Front panel LED display
    Internal Nonvolatile Memory 100 sets of LCRZ instrument set file, 201 test results
    External USB Memory Instrument settings files, CSV data files, screenshots (GIF images)
    Certification CE
    Interface RS-232
    Size Upper frame size: 215mm (W)*88mm (H)*336mm (D)
    Shape size:236mm (W)*105mm (H)*363mm (D)
    Packing List LCR meter, CD (user manual included), test report, warranty card, test clip, fuse, power charger

    Panel Details

    Panel Details of Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~200kHz

    Dimension Drawing

    Dimension Drawing of Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~200kHz

    Tips: Digital LCR meter main functions.

    LCR meter is a tester used to test the capacitance, inductance, and resistance of components. Unlike ordinary resistance, for inductance and capacitance, it is needs to use AC method to measure. Digital LCR meter uses AC power for measurement. For AC, the ratio of voltage V to current I is the impedance Z. Resistance R in DC mode need only be expressed by the magnitude. Impedance Z contains two elements of magnitude and phase, which are mathematically represented by complex numbers and vectors.

    Digital LCR meter has standard interface, which can automatically classify the component under test according to accuracy of the measured value, or directly connect to the automatic test system. It is used for automatic inspection of products on component production lines to achieve quality control in production process.

    Existing reviews of Digital LCR Meter, 20Hz~200kHz
    Full-featured LCR meter
    This one nice meter is fully functional. Has a large LCD display for easy viewing. This even has a transistor test function which is nice but a bit funky to use as it involves plugging in a module and moving the test leads around, but in a pinch is nice. The quality of the test leads is very good.
    From: Lambertus | Date: 02/06/2022
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    Many measurable specifications, complete functions, very practical
    Many specifications can be measured, is very practical for a component manufacturer, used for factory quality inspection of samples. The data is accurate, test speed is also fast, and display is clear.
    From: Malloy | Date: 25/04/2020
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