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    Brass Needle Valves

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    1/2" NPT Brass Needle Valve, DN15

    SKU: ATO-BNV-102
    Lower cost brass needle valve with 1/2" NPT thread, the max pressure is 1000 psi, and which made of solid brass, resistant to pressure, abrasion, corrosion, and durability. The humanized handle of the valve is more practical, easy to operate, quick to open and close, and simple in structure.

    1/4" NPT Brass Needle Valve, DN8

    SKU: ATO-BNV-104
    High-pressure brass needle valve with 1/4 inch thread, the 2-way needle valve with a max pressure is 1000 psi and the working temperature from -20 to 200°C. The brass needle valve is rugged enough for the oil & gas market, and suitable for most industrial applications.

    1/8" NPT Brass Needle Valve, Female, DN6

    SKU: ATO-BNV-108
    Compact brass needle valve with 1/8" thread, 2 way, the max pressure is 1000 psi and the allowable temperature range is from -20 to max. 200°C. This valve can be used as a reliable shut-off valve, or to accurately control flow rates of clean gases or fluids.

    3/8" NPT Brass Needle Valve, DN10

    SKU: ATO-BNV-308
    Cheap price 2-way brass valve with 3/8" thread for sale, the max pressure is 1000 psi, the valve is an adjustable valve, and the body material is made of brass. This NPT needle valve has the advantages of easy installation and disassembly, tight connection, good fire prevention, and good sealing performance.

    The brass needle valves are designed for air or water service up to 1000psi. They have a metal-to-metal seat and will allow fine control of flow. offers brass gate valves in sizes 1/8 to 1/2 inches. Brass needle valves are commonly used products, they are specifically useful in regulating precise flow and exact calibration in small channel applications.