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    Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 6Nm/200Nm

    Cheap price electromagnetic brake for sale, static torque can select 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm, 25Nm, 15Nm, 6Nm, rated voltage DC 24V, max speed of 1800rpm, fast speed, easy installation and easy maintenance, manufacturer direct sales.

    0.5 HP (0.37 kW) Automatic Water Booster Pump

    SKU: ATO-BP-05HP
    Small automatic water booster pump for house, 0.5 HP (0.37 kW), single phase or 3 phase, optional voltage 110V / 220V / 380V, rated current 370A, 1 in. water inlet and outlet, max. head 40m, max. flow 30 LPM, comes with motor to increase water pressure.

    0.5mL/min DC 5V/6V Micro Peristaltic Pump

    SKU: ATO-PDP-M05
    Cheap micro peristaltic pump for sale. Water flow rate 0.3~0.5mL/min (0.19GPD), rated voltage DC 5V/6V for selection, power<1W, tubing diameter 1mm, miniature size 10.5*10.5*28mm, weight only 4g. Protable peristaltic dosing pump with 2-hose for small volume liquid metering.

    1/2/4/5 GPM Hydraulic Single Gear Pump, 3600 psi

    SKU: ATO-HGPP-1245
    Cheap hydraulic single gear pump for sale. Displacement 1/2/4/5 GPM for selection, rated pressure 3000 psi, maximum pressure 3600 psi, rated speed 1800 rpm, max speed 4300 rpm, volumetric efficiency 88%, mechanical efficiency 85%, oil inlet/outlet port PT 3/8” thread, optional clockwise or counterclockwise rotary, SAE 2-bolt mounted.

    10 hp 60-160cc Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor, 20MPa

    SKU: ATO-RPHM-1020
    Cheap radial piston hydraulic motor for sale. Rated power 8/9/10 hp (6/7/8kW), rated pressure 16~25MPa, high torque 284~376N.m, theoric specific torque 11~24N.m/MPa, maximum speed 1000~1500 rpm, displacement 60~160cc (mL/r) for selection. Good manufacturer radial piston engine, low price.

    100~800mm Ball Screw Driven Linear Slide, Ф12mm

    SKU: ATO-LS-80012
    Cheap linear slide guide rail for sale, driven by Ф12mm ball screw. Stroke 100mm~800mm for selection, maximum speed 1000mm/s, motor capacity 100W, screw path 5/10/20mm. High precision linear motion system, servo motor and sensor are optional for configuration.

    180~2700 N.m Hydraulic Rotary Actuator, 180°~360°

    SKU: ATO-HRA-2700
    Affordable price hydraulic rotary actuator from reliable manufacturer. Output torque 180~2700 N.m, holding torque 630~9400 N.m, optional max rotating angle 180°/360°, displacement 64~1830 cc, radial load 1984~14770 lb. Helical rotary hydraulic cylinder actuator supports shaft output or flange output, it is best to matched with a balance valve.

    2 hp 1500 rpm Spiral Bevel Right Angle Gearbox, 1:1/ 2:1

    SKU: ATO-RAGB-21500
    Right angle gearbox driven by spiral bevel gear. Ratio 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 for selection, maximum input power 2 hp, speed 50~1500 rpm, torque 5.8~18.62 N.m, flexible input/output shafts combination, 1/2/3/4 ways. Small speed reducer change transmission direction in 90°, compact, low price.

    300W Pneumatic Vane Air Motor, 0.31Nm, 10000rpm

    Cheap price pneumatic vane air motor online for sale, with rated power 300 watt, rotate speed 10000rpm, 0.31Nm rated torque, which can up to 0.65Nm. It has advantages of small size, light weight, simple structure and easy to use.

    50~1000 mbar 1/8 inch Proportional Pressure Regulator

    SKU: ATO-PPPR-1018
    Proportional pressure regulator for sale. Pressure setting range 50~1000 mbar (14.5 psi), maximum flow 200L/min, power supply DC 24V, hose port 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch, input signal current 4~20mA or voltage DC 0~5V/10V, monitor output analog/switch output. Air pressure regulator valve with electronic digital display, low price.

    500W Industrial Door Opener, 65Nm, 35m² Area, 2.27A

    ATO 500W industrial door opener uses chain manual and clutch manual two ways . Torque 65Nm, area up to 35m², lifting height up to 5m, frequency up to 20%, continuous operation less than 10min. The shaft diameter is 25.4mm and can be dimensioned.

    7:1 Air Pressure Booster, 3-56 bar (43-812 psi)

    SKU: ATO-APB-7:1
    ATO air pressure booster with 07:1 ratio, 3- 56 bar gas inlet pressure, 56 bar maximum outlet gas pressure, 2-8 bar dirven air pressure, 556 L/min Maximum flow. Based on the air consumption of 1.0 M³/min when the driving pressure is 7 bar.

    Automatic Oil Lubrication Pump with Motor

    Automatic oil lubrication pump with 2 pole motor, 2L/ 3L/ 4L, single phase or three phase, selectable motor voltage 110V/220V/380V AC, 24V DC, 18W, alarm output 24V/220V DC, discharge capacity 150~200 ml/min, is an electric oil lubrication system for industrial machine.

    Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 15Nm/200Nm

    Buy manufacturer price electromagnetic brake for crane, static torque 400Nm/ 200Nm/ 100Nm/ 50Nm/ 25Nm/ 15Nm/ 6Nm is available, DC 24V, max speed 1800r/min. Electromagnetic brake with high frequency operation and slight movement.

    Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 25Nm/400Nm

    Cost-effective electromagnetic shaft brake for sale, with compact design, static torque can choose 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm to 6Nm, rated voltage DC 24V, electromagnetic brake can be used in wet or dry environment.

    Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 50Nm/400Nm

    Cheap price electromagnetic brake DC 24V, manufacturer direct sales, static torque 6Nm/15Nm/50Nm/100Nm/200Nm/400Nm is optional, max speed of 1800rpm, efficient cooling scattered wet, fast response.

    Electromagnetic Clutch, DC 24V, 100Nm/200Nm

    Electromagnetic clutch for sale, static torque can select 6Nm,15Nm, 25Nm, 50Nm, 100Nm, 200Nm to 400Nm, rated voltage 24V, max speed 1800r/min, small size, can transmit large torque, has the advantage of quick and stable braking, easy to automate machine tools.

    Electromagnetic Clutch, DC 24V, 200Nm/400Nm

    Affordable price electromagnetic clutch with connection, disconnection, variable speed, reversible transmission, micro-motion positioning and overload protection functions, static torque 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm to 6Nm is optional, electromagnetic clutch can respond quickly, easy to install and maintain.

    Electromagnetic Clutch, DC 24V, 6Nm/400Nm

    Shaft mounted electromagnetic clutch rated voltage DC 24V, static torque 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm, 25Nm, 15Nm, 6Nm is available, smooth operation, low vibration, fast response and overload protection.

    Inline Planetary Speed Reducer Gearbox

    Planetary speed reducer gearboxes, inline, are available in variety of gear ratios ranging from 3:1 to 200:1 with frame sizes of 65mm, 85mm, 118mm, and 150mm. High precision, large output torque, compact structure, easy mounting and suitable for AC/DC servo motors, stepper motors, hydraulic motors.