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    Adjusting RV Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge

    Sell water pressure regulator for camper, trailer and RV plumbing system, with 3/4 inch garden hose thread design, brass unleaded adjustable water pressure regulator with gauge, easy to adjust water pressure settings.

    Ball Screw Bearing, Diameter 8mm

    Ball screw bearing shaft diameter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm and 25mm are available, C7 accuracy grade, small friction loss, high transmission efficiency, compact design, easy to install and disassemble.

    Electromagnetic Brake, DC 24V, 6Nm/200Nm

    Cheap price electromagnetic brake for sale, static torque can select 400Nm, 200Nm, 100Nm, 50Nm, 25Nm, 15Nm, 6Nm, rated voltage DC 24V, max speed of 1800rpm, fast speed, easy installation and easy maintenance, manufacturer direct sales.

    1 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 1/4 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-14
    Low cost 1 piece stainless steel ball vavle, 1/4 inch size, body and ball stainless steel 304/316, high hardness, not easy to corrode and rust, threaded BSP, suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking, aviation and other fields.

    1 Piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve, 3/8 Inch

    SKU: ATO-BV-Q11F-38
    Shop 3/8 inch high pressure ball valve online, 1 piece, 316 stainless steel material, The small ball valve has good sealing performance, mainly used to cut off or connect the medium in the pipeline, and can also be used for fluid adjustment and control.

    1 Inch Adjusting Water Pressure Regulator

    1 Inch brass water pressure regulator for sale, can be used to regulate water, oil, non-corrosive non-combustible gas pressure, extended thread design, installation fit is strong, prevent the installation process of the water pipe against the gate.

    1/2 Inch Adjusting Water Pressure Regulator

    Adjusting brass water pressure regulator working pressure 0.6 Mpa, pipe thread diameter 1/2 inch, it can efficiently control the water pressure flowing to appliances and sockets in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

    1/2 inch Stainless Steel Sanitary Butterfly Valve

    SKU: ATO-BV-12I
    Low price welded and tri clamp sanitary butterfly valve, 1/2 inch size, with EPDM or PTFE seat, can be controlled by an actuator or manually operated with a handle. It is a stainless steel hygienic valve used in food-processing, pharmacy and chemical industries for flow control.

    1/2" Brass Ball Valve, 2 Piece

    Low price 1/2 inch brass ball valve is a hand operated valve for water and flow control, 2 piece, DN15, 1.6MPa, thread connection. Valve body has a straight channel, and the medium flows in a straight line.

    1/2" Electric Ball Valve, 2 Way/ 3 Way

    SKU: ATO-EBV-15B
    Low cost 1/2 inch ball valve with aluminum alloy electric actuator for delivering water, air, gas, oil, liquid and other media, DN15 (15mm) port size, PTFE seat material, 50/ 60Hz 110V AC, 220V AC, 380V AC, and 24V DC power supply. Small in size and light in weight, can be convenient for pipeline installation.

    1/2" Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve, 2 Way, 2 Position

    lightweight and low price pneumatic angle seat valve comes with single acting stainless steel or plastic actuator to control air, water, oil, gas and steam. 1/2 inch (DN15) thread port, air pressure air pressure 0.4~0.8MPa, stainless steel body and PTFE sealing, 2 way 2 position for air and liquid control.

    1/2" Pneumatic Ball Valve, 2 Way/ 3 Way

    SKU: ATO-PBV-15A
    Affordable price 1/2 inch full port ball valve with an actuator for delivering water, gas, gasoline and other fluids. This pneumatic actuated ball valve powered by compressed air, with DN15 port size, stainless steel and PVC material, available threaded type, flanged type and true union type, perfect for air and fluid control.

    1/2” Air Filter & Regulator FRL Combination Unit

    SKU: ATO-AFR-1/2
    The 1/2" compressed air filter and regular FRL combination unit with 90CC big bowl is easy to operate and has stable performance and strong anti-interference ability.

    1/4 Inch Rc Air Pressure Regulator

    SKU: ATO-PR-NIR2000
    Precision air pressure regulator port size 1/4 inch, pressure 0.005~0.2/ 0.01~0.4/ 0.01~0.8 Mpa, easy to install, either freestanding with brackets or directly with the current cross block filter combination elements AF and AFM.

    1/4 Inch Air Hose Fitting, 90 Dgree

    SKU: ATO-AHF-PL402
    90 Degree elbow air hose fitting thread size 1/4 inch, outer diameter 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm are available, corrosion resistance and high pressure resistance, used to connect air pipes, air compressors, air drills, impact wrenches, air screwdrivers and other pneumatic tools.

    1/8 Inch Rc Air Pressure Regulator

    SKU: ATO-PR-NIR1000
    The air pressure regulator is small and has a high flow rate, pressure regulator port size 1/8 inch, making it suitable for applications requiring constant pressure and variable flow. The stainless steel gauge makes it easy to observe the accurate accuracy of the air pressure.

    1/8" FRL Filter Regulator Lubricator

    SKU: ATO-ACWS-18
    Cost-effective 1/8 inch pneumatic FRL filter regulator lubricator combo is used for filtering water and oil in compressed air and keeping air source in a constant state, with pressure gauge and moisture trap, optional PT, G, NPT thread type, working pressure up to 145 PSI.

    100~800mm Ball Screw Driven Linear Slide, Ф12mm

    SKU: ATO-LS-80012
    Cheap linear slide guide rail for sale, driven by Ф12mm ball screw. Stroke 100mm~800mm for selection, maximum speed 1000mm/s, motor capacity 100W, screw path 5/10/20mm. High precision linear motion system, servo motor and sensor are optional for configuration.

    1-1/2 Inch Adjusting Water Pressure Regulator

    Cost-effective garden hose pressure regulators for sale, size 1-1/2 inch, with a female hose connection inlet and a male hose connection outlet for a good seal against water leakage, high flow, stable performance, pressure and explosion resistant.

    1-1/4 Inch Adjusting Water Pressure Regulator

    Adjusting water pressure regulator pipe size 1-1/4 inch, brass ball spool inside, high flow rate, made of high quality brass, environmentally friendly low lead copper, safe and explosion-proof, ensure water safety, suitable for garden irrigation, residential use, water mains.