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    1" Pneumatic Globe Valve

    With a rated flow coefficient of 11KV, boasting a film effective area of 100 cm2, crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, 1 inch (DN25) pneumatic globe valve efficiently handles pressure differences, with Positive Action at 2.91 MPa and Opposite Reaction at 3.88 MPa, ensuring stability and control under varying conditions.
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    Nominal pressure of PN16 MPa, designed to handle both gas and liquid mediums, 1" pneumatic globe valve provide flexibility across a range of industrial processes.


    • The valve body is designed according to the principle of fluid dynamics into an equal cross-section low flow resistance flow path, the rated flow coefficient increases by 30%.
    • Compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, fluid channel is S streamline, small pressure drop loss, large capacity, easy disassembly and installation.
    • Top-guided construction with multi-spring membrane actuator.
    • By using a thin-film multi-spring actuator connected to the adjusting mechanism by three columns, the overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent. The overall height can be reduced by about 30 per cent and the weight by about 30 per cent.


    Model ATO-810D-1S2A-4DK41-DN25
    Nominal pressure PN16 MPa
    Rated Flow Coefficient 11 KV
    Rated Stroke 8mm
    Film Effective Area 100 cm2
    Allowable Pressure Difference Positive Action 2.91
    Opposite Reaction 3.88
    Signal pressure 0 or 250
    Operating Temperature ≤ 250℃
    Connection Method Flangeless
    Medium of use Gas and Liquid
    Valve Body Material 304

    Dimension (Unit: mm)

    3/4 inch diaphragm control valve size

    DN A L H H1
    25 196 160 345 58


     Pneumatic globe valve application

    Tips: Are there any safety features incorporated into the valve design?

    The 1" Pneumatic Globe Valve is engineered with several safety features to ensure reliable and secure operation in various industrial applications. These safety measures are integrated into the design to mitigate potential risks and enhance the overall performance of the valve. Here are some key safety features:

    • Pressure Relief Mechanism: The valve is equipped with a pressure relief mechanism that automatically activates if the internal pressure exceeds the specified limits. This feature prevents overpressurization, safeguarding both the valve and the connected system.
    • Emergency Shutdown Capability: In critical situations, the valve has an emergency shutdown function. This allows for rapid closure of the valve to isolate the flow and prevent further damage or potential hazards.
    • Corrosion-Resistant Materials: The valve is constructed from materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring the longevity of the valve and minimizing the risk of failure due to material degradation.
    • Sealing Integrity: The valve incorporates robust sealing mechanisms to prevent leakage. This not only ensures efficient operation but also minimizes the risk of environmental contamination or harm to personnel.
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