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    Digital Solar Power Meter for Radiations Measuring

    SKU: ATO-SPM-206
    Solar power meter with 3-3/4 LCD display, measuring range 0.1-399.9W/m², 1-3999W/m². This professional solar energy meter is designed with a hold button on the panel and supports maximum hold and data hold. Low cost solar energy monitor has a wide range of applications in solar radiation measurement, solar energy research, physical and optical experiments, meteorology, and agriculture.

    Digital Solar Power Meter With Remote Sensor

    SKU: ATO-SPM-750
    Solar power meter with remote sensor, measuring in watts per square meter or BTU, 3 1/2 digital display. The portable solar power meter is ideally suited for measuring the solar radiation emitted by the sun from fusion reactions that produce electromagnetic energy.

    Digital Solar Power Meter, 3 1/2 Digits LCD Display

    SKU: ATO-SPM-1307
    Solar power meter with LCD 3-1/2 digit display, measures irradiance up to 1999W/m2 or 634BTU /(Ft2*hr). The smart solar power meter offers the advantages of high accuracy and fast response time with a data retention function.

    Digital Solar Power Meter, 3 3/4 Digits LCD Display

    SKU: ATO-SPM-750
    The digital handheld solar power meter provides accurate and reliable high precision measurements in the range 1999 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh). A 3-3/4 digit LCD display solar energy meter is ideal for use in meteorological research studies, building engineering, solar panels, and agricultural/environmental monitoring.

    Digital Solar Power Meter, 4 Digits LCD Display

    SKU: ATO-SPM-1333
    The solar power meter is available for measuring solar intensity from 0 to 2000 W/m2 or 0 to 634 BTU/(ft2 x H). Digital solar power meter has a 4-digit LCD digital display and a wide spectral range from 400 to 1100 nm. Solar radiation meter with solar penetration measurement for glass, paper, umbrellas, awnings, and many other materials.

    Digital Solar Power Meter, 400~1100nm

    SKU: ATO-SPM-1333R
    The digital solar power meter features a wide spectral range from 400 to 1100nm, with a measurement range of 2000W/m2 and 634Btu/(ft2*h). The solar watt meter with its high-accuracy sensor and user-friendly interface provides accurate real-time data on the power generated by the solar panel, enabling users to optimize its performance and maximize energy savings.

    Handheld Digital Solar Power Meter, 1999W/m2

    SKU: ATO-SPM-2061
    Handheld digital solar power meter is a special instrument for measuring solar power in the field, with a measurement range of 1999 W/m2, 634 BTU/(ft2xh), a resolution of 1 W/m2, 1 BTU/(ft2xh), and a digital display with 3 1/2 digits. The solar power meter can measure solar power in different directions and angles as well as the solar penetration of individual materials.

    A solar power meter is a device used to measure the amount of sunlight or solar radiation that is hitting a particular location. It is typically used by solar panel installers, scientists, and engineers to determine the best location for solar panels, measure the efficiency of solar panels, and monitor the performance of a solar energy system.

    Solar power meters typically use a photovoltaic cell, which converts sunlight into electrical energy, to measure the amount of solar radiation hitting the sensor. They can provide measurements of solar irradiance (the amount of solar radiation hitting a surface), solar insolation (the amount of solar radiation that is available at a specific location), and other related parameters such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed.

    Solar power meters are an important tool for measuring the performance and efficiency of solar panels and other solar-powered devices. ATO solar power meters include a range of models with different features and functions to suit your needs. offers solar power meters of different sizes and designs for residential and commercial applications. Whether you are a solar panel installer, solar enthusiast or researcher, we have the perfect solar power meter to suit your needs.