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    Digital Solar Power Meter, 3 1/2 Digits LCD Display

    Solar power meter with LCD 3-1/2 digit display, measures irradiance up to 1999W/m2 or 634BTU /(Ft2*hr). The smart solar power meter offers the advantages of high accuracy and fast response time with a data retention function.
    SKU: ATO-SPM-1307
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    Buy an online solar watt meter with a backlit display, LCD display with 3-1/2 digits, and maximum reading of 1999. ATO's professional solar radiation meter panel is designed with hold button and supports maximum hold and data hold.


    • Model: ATO-DT-1307
    • Display: LCD display with 3-1/2 digits, maximum reading 1999
    • Range: 1999W/m2, 634BTU/(ft2 *h)
    • Sampling Time: Approx. 0.25 seconds
    • Resolution: 1W/m2, 1BTU/(ft2 *h)
    • Accuracy: ±10W/m2 , ±3BTU/(ft2 *h) or 5% earth, additional error due to temperature ±0.38W/m2 /C
    • Accuracy: <±3/year
    • Overload: Display "OL"
    • Operating Temperature and Humidity: 5°C -40°C, below 80% RH
    • Storage Temperature and Humidity: -10°C -60°C, less than 70%RH
    • Dimensions: 162(L)*63(W)*28(H)
    • Weight: Approx. 250g (including battery)


    • Solar power meter measuring values up to 1999w/m2 or 634BTU/(ft2*h).
    • Solar power meter provides high accuracy and fast response time.
    • Solar power meter features a current value measurement hold function.
    • The solar watt meter has a unit and symbol display for easy reading.
    • Measurement units selectable in w/m2 and BTU/(ft2*h).
    • Manual range selection for direct reading without adjustment.
    • Solar energy meter has max/min measurement and low battery indicator.


    solar watt meter details

    1. Photometric probe connector
    2. Value hold key
    3. Max/min selection key
    4. Backlight key
    5. Battery cover (back)
    6. Photometric probe
    7. Range selection key
    8. Unit conversion key
    9. Power on/off button
    10. LCD display
    11. Zeroing key


    Solar power meters are commonly used in the field of renewable energy, specifically in the measurement and monitoring of solar irradiance levels.  solar energy meters can also be used in agricultural applications, such as measuring the amount of sunlight received by crops or in the testing of window glass for its solar energy transmittance properties. In addition, solar power meters can be used in scientific research to measure solar radiation levels for climatology, meteorology, and atmospheric physics studies.

    Solar power meter applications

    Tips: How does a solar power meter work?

    A solar power meter is a device that measures the amount of sunlight or solar radiation that is reaching a specific area. It is also known as a solar irradiance meter or a solar radiometer.

    The basic principle behind the functioning of a solar power meter is the conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. The solar power meter has a photodiode or photovoltaic cell that converts solar energy into electrical energy. The photodiode or photovoltaic cell generates an electrical current that is proportional to the amount of solar radiation it receives.

    The electrical current generated by the photodiode or photovoltaic cell is then amplified and measured by the meter's electronics. The meter typically displays the measurement in units of watts per square meter (W/m²) or in units of irradiance, which is the amount of solar energy per unit area.

    The solar power meter typically has a flat surface that is oriented towards the sun to receive maximum solar radiation. The meter must be calibrated to ensure accurate measurements, taking into account factors such as the angle of the sun, the distance from the sun, and the atmospheric conditions.

    Solar power meters are used in a variety of applications, such as measuring the solar radiation for photovoltaic system design and performance analysis, solar water heating system design and performance analysis, and solar thermal system design and performance analysis. They are also used in weather stations to measure the amount of solar radiation received at a particular location.

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