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    Digital Height Gauge, 0-150mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-150
    Cost-effective digital height gauge with a measuring range of 0-150mm, resolution 0.01mm. 150mm vernier height gauge is a compact, simple, easy to use measuring tool which is widely used in industries, tool rooms, workshops, etc.

    Digital Height Gauge, 0-200mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-200
    High-precision digital height gauge for sale online with a measuring range of 0-200mm, resolution 0.01mm. The electronic digital height gauge supports mm and inch that will meet your different unit requirements. Digital display for easy reading.

    Digital Height Gauge, 0-300mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-300
    The provided digital height gauge with a measuring range of 0-300mm, resolution of 0.01mm. The 300mm electronic digital height gauge is designed with a heavy stainless steel base on the standing feet so it would more stable.

    Digital Vernier Height Gauge, 0-500mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-500
    Cheap high precision digital vernier height gauge for sale online, which with 0-500mm measuring range, error ±0.05mm, and resolution of 0.01mm. LCD digital readout of electronic digital height gauge displays figures in inches or metric units for viewing ease.

    Digital Height Gauge, 0-600mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-600
    Reasonable price 600mm digital height gauge with, a resolution of 0.01mm, error ±0.05mm. Digital vernier height gauges are known for their quick measurement and have been the preferred precision measurement tool because of their ease of use and variety of functionality.

    Digital Height Gauge, 0-1000mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-1000
    Reliable ATO digital height gauge with a resolution of 0.01mm, measurement range of 0-1000 mm. The 1000mm vernier height gauge has the advantages of being handy, high quality, and easy to use.

    Digital Height and Depth Gauge, 0-80mm, 0.01mm

    SKU: ATO-DHG-80
    ATO digital height and depth gauge applies absolute depth sensor to ensure the accuracy of data up to 0.1mm, the resolution is 0.01mm, height measuring range of 0~80mm, and depth measuring range of 0-50mm. The measured values of 2 in 1 digital height & depth gauge can be converted between inches and millimeters to meet the user's various habits.

    A height gauge is a measuring device used for determining the height of objects, and for marking items to be worked on. ATO digital height gauge is made from 4CR13 stainless steel, and has high strength, wear resistance, durability and long service life.

    ATO offers the optional measuring range from 0-80mm, 0-150mm, 0-200mm, 0-300mm, 0-500mm, 0-600mm to 0-1000mm, 0.01mm resolution. The height gauges are mainly used in the automotive industry, manufacturing, science, and research industries.