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    Digital Vernier Height Gauge, 0-500mm, 0.01mm

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    Cheap high precision digital vernier height gauge for sale online, which with 0-500mm measuring range, error ±0.05mm, and resolution of 0.01mm. LCD digital readout of electronic digital height gauge displays figures in inches or metric units for viewing ease.
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    Order a 500mm digital height gauge, the height gauge is a measuring device used to provide very precise height measurements. It comes with an error of ±0.05mm, a resolution of 0.01mm, and a voltage of 1.5V.


    Model: ATO-DHG-500
    Range: 0-500mm
    Voltage: 1.5V

    Resolution: 0.01mm
    Error: ±0.05mm
    Responding Speed: 1 m/s

    Body Material: 4CR13 stainless steel
    Battery Type: 1.5 button battery
    Weight: 26kg

    Dimension (mm)

    Dimension of digital height gauge


    Digital Height Gauge Details


    ATO digital height gauges are also called height gauges. As the name suggests, its main purpose is to measure the height of workpieces, and it is also often used to measure shape and position tolerances, and sometimes to mark lines. Digital height gauges are mainly used in the automotive industry, manufacturing, science, and research industries.

    Application of digital height gauge

    Tips: Working principle of a digital height gauge

    Digital counter height gauges combine a dial and needle as found on the dial height gauge type with a dual-digit counter to increase the speed and efficiency of the measurement process. The counter will allow readings to tenths of an inch while thousandths of an inch can be read on the dial.

    Existing reviews of Digital Vernier Height Gauge, 0-500mm, 0.01mm
    High accuracy digital vernier height gauge
    This digital height gauge is just what I need, it’s pretty accurate within 0.05mm which is an acceptable enough tolerance for now. This height gauge gives me the accuracy I need at a reasonable price.
    From: Gerlach | Date: 08/02/2023
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