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    Smoke & Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector, Wifi/ Smoke Alarm

    Smoke and carbon monoxide detector for sale, with smoke alarm, LCD display. Smoke and carbon monoxide monitor with alarm function as well as remote controlled by Wifi. This real time monitor can measure CO range of 0-1000 ppm, temperature range of -20°-60°C (±2%) and humidity measurement of 5%-95% (±5%). Built-in battery for 6-8 hours working without power, fire-proof ABS material.

    Smoke & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Detector, Wifi/ Smoke Alarm

    Smoke carbon dioxide (CO2) detector detects carbon dioxide with NDIR CO2 sensor, battery capacity 1400mAh. Carbon Dioxide smoke alarm detector with resolution 1 ppm and Wi-Fi tuya remote control. Detection range contains CO2, humidity, temperature. Smart smoke carbon dioxide monitor relatively small, used in bedroom living room, dining room, office, gym, park.

    Smoke & Oxygen (O2) Detector, Temperature/ Humidity/ Wifi

    SKU: ATO-PT05
    Smart smoke detector alarm tests O2, temperature, humidity. Connection with smart doodle app and data Logger. Nest smoke detector show oxygen value on LCD display with adjustable backlight. Remote controlled by Tuya, as well as auto detect/mute function. The built-in lithium battery can work for 12-14 hours without charging. High quality of fireproof ABS material. Usually apply for living room, dining room, office, taxi, and car.

    Photoelectric Smoke Detector, Dual Sensor, Smoke Alarm

    Photoelectric smoke detector hardwired with blue light and red light dual light source smoke temperature detection can test smaller smoke particles. Quiescent current less than or equal to 1mA (uA) and working voltage DC 9V~32V. Detection angle 360° with detection distance reach to 40-60m. The optical smoke alarm equipped with two high-sensitivity thermistor sensors to upload the temperature to the controller in real time, work at the temperature -40°C~ 85°C. Widely used in families and community factories, companies, schools, warehouses, petroleum, chemical and many other places.

    Wireless Smoke Detector, Photoelectric, Smoke Alarm

    SKU: ATO-SMOKE-BL-816001
    Wireless smoke detector, photoelectric type with 360° all-round detection and remote control alarm function, detection distance reach to 20m and transmission frequency 433MHZ. Work at temperature -10℃~50℃, quiescent current 45uA. Audible alarm by phone, text message, on-site APP and quick alarm within 3 seconds. Wireless interlinked smoke alarms voltage 3.6V, widely applicable to home, warehouse, company and so on.

    Fire Smoke Detector, Wired, Smoke Alarms

    Fire smoke detector with hard wired equipped with explosion proof junction box, working voltage 9V~35V and work at -10℃~50℃. Wired fire alarm equipped with infrared photoelectric sensor detection distance reach to 80m, alarm via red led, network output. Smart fire alarm with alarm current 10mA, quiescent current 2uA, wide angle detection. SMT process design, strong stability, intelligent logic control.

    Home Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm

    Home smoke detector with CO alarm comes with dual sensor, can detecting carbon monoxide and smoke accurately. Wireless smoke detectors with detection angle 360°, working voltage 4.5V and work at -10°C~55°C. Equipped with 24 hours real-time monitoring LED display accurate concentration, voice sound and light alarm. Detection distance reach to 10m, high stability and low power consumption. Widely apply in city security, community, factory, home and company and so on.

    Smoke detector, also known as smoke alarm, is a device that converts the change of smoke concentration at the detection site into an electrical signal to achieve the purpose of alarm. At ato, we have many different types of smoke alarms, such as oxygen smoke detectors, carbon dioxide smoke detectors and carbon monoxide smoke detectors that specialize in detecting the concentration of a certain gas. These smoke alarms are generally equipped with wifi or smoke detection style options. In addition to this, there are multifunctional detectors such as photoelectric smoke alarm, wireless and fire detectors. Due to the characteristics of high sensitivity, stability and reliability, and low power consumption, smoke detectors are widely used in fire protection systems in restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office buildings, halls, bedrooms, corridors, etc.