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    Fire Smoke Detector, Wired, Smoke Alarms

    Fire smoke detector with hard wired equipped with explosion proof junction box, working voltage 9V~35V and work at -10℃~50℃. Wired fire alarm equipped with infrared photoelectric sensor detection distance reach to 80m, alarm via red led, network output. Smart fire alarm with alarm current 10mA, quiescent current 2uA, wide angle detection. SMT process design, strong stability, intelligent logic control.
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    Smart fire alarm come with infrared photoelectric sensor, working voltage 9V~35V and alarm via red led. Work at -10℃~50℃, detection distance reach to 80m. Apply in house, office and so on.


    Model ATO-B603
    Operating Voltage DC 9V-35V   DC 48V, AC 22OV (can be customized)
    Quiescent Current ≥2mA (DC 24V)
    Alarm indication Red led
    Environment humidity Maximum 95%RH (no condensation)
    Alarm Output NO/NC contacts
    Operating temperature -10°C~50°C   -40°C~80°C (can be customized)
    Alarm current ≥10mA (DC 24V)
    Sensor Infrared photoelectric sensor
    Anti-RF interference 10MHz~1GHz 20V/m
    Sensitivity level level one
    Coverage area When the space height is 6m~12m, the protection area of a detector is larger than that of the general protection site.
    The protection area is 60m when the space height is less than 6m, and the specific parameters should be based on GB50116~98 of the design specification for automatic fire alarm system
    Detection angle Wide angle
    Detection distance 80 (m)
    Quiescent Current 2 (uA)
    Scope of application Indoor
    Installation method Ceiling type
    Communication method Wired



    1. Smart fire alarm with infrared photoelectric sensor/explosion-proof certification/network output
    2. The photoelectric smoke alarm detection range is wide, and when a small fire is detected, the alarm will be called immediately to extinguish the fire in the bud.
    3. This hard wired smoke detectors work on the principle of sensing smoke particles. Unique structural design and light.
    4. The electric signal processing technology has the functions of dustproof, insectproof, anti-interference of external light, etc. And the stability of the product is guaranteed from the design.  
    5. Fire smoke detector has a good response to the visible smoke produced by slow smoldering or open burning.
    6. Fire detector with intelligent logic control, SMT process design, strong stability, intelligent logic control, filter out various false alarms, anti-white light interference design, metal shielding cover, anti-radio frequency dry (20v/m-1GHz).


    Tips: What are the types of fire smoke alarm?

    1. The ionization smoke detector is mainly composed of two ionization chambers inside and outside. The outer ionization chamber (the detection chamber) has a hole that communicates with the outside world, and the smoke can enter the sensor through the hole; the inner ionization chamber (the compensation chamber) is sealed, and the smoke cannot enter. When a fire occurs, smoke particles enter the outer ionization chamber, which interferes with the normal operation of charged particles, changes the current and voltage, and destroys the balance between the inner and outer ionization chambers, and the detector will generate an induction and send out an alarm signal.
    2. There is a light-emitting element and a photosensitive element inside the photoelectric smoke detector. Usually, the light emitted by the light-emitting element is emitted to the photosensitive element through the lens, and the circuit remains normal. If there is smoke blocking it, the light reaching the photosensitive element will be obviously weakened, so the photosensitive element converts the change of light intensity into a change of current, and sends out an alarm signal through the amplifying circuit.
    3. The aspirating smoke detector has changed the traditional way of waiting for the smoke to drift to the detector to detect passively, but adopts a new concept, that is to say, to actively sample and detect the air. The aspirating pump inside the gas-type smoke detector sucks into the sampling pipe and sends it to the detector for analysis. If smoke particles are found, an alarm will be issued.
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