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    Ratcheting Cable Cutter, 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM

    SKU: ATO-CC-001
    Ideal ratcheting cable cutter for sale online. It comes with a 600/1000/1250/1400 MCM cutting range, can safely cut copper aluminum, armored and communication cables, widely used in construction, telecommunication and electrical work.

    Heavy Duty Cable Cutter, 400mm2/800 MCM

    SKU: ATO-CC-500
    Buy a heavy duty cable cutter at low cost. It is a manual tool used to cut 400mm2 (800MCM) copper-aluminum cables, or fine-stranded copper wires, often used by DIY enthusiasts for home projects that require cutting wires and cables.

    Hydraulic Cable Cutter, Φ50/75/85/95mm

    Manual hydraulic cable cutter is a cutting tool that can use hydraulic pressure to cut Φ50/75/85/95mm copper, aluminum or armored cables, typically used in industrial applications where large numbers of cables need to be cut quickly and efficiently.

    Small Manual Cable Cutter, 120mm2/250 MCM

    SKU: ATO-CC-125
    Cheap manual cable cutter can cut 120mm2 (250MCM) copper aluminum cables precisely. Small size, easy to use and carry, suitable for electrical engineering, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing.

    Cable Cutter Tool, 240mm2/500 MCM

    SKU: ATO-CC-250
    Get a manual cable cutter tool for cutting copper aluminum cables. Small copper and aluminum cable cutter with 240mm2 (500MCM) cutting range, commonly used in electrical wiring, telecommunication and industrial applications, etc.

    Armored Cable Cutter, 3x250/400/600 MCM

    SKU: ATO-CC-002
    The provided armored cable cutter comes with a 3x250/400/600 MCM cutting range. It is an ideal ratcheting cable cutter for copper, aluminum, armor and communication cables.