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    Heavy Duty Cable Cutter, 400mm2/800 MCM

    Buy a heavy duty cable cutter at low cost. It is a manual tool used to cut 400mm2 (800MCM) copper-aluminum cables, or fine-stranded copper wires, often used by DIY enthusiasts for home projects that require cutting wires and cables.
    SKU: ATO-CC-500
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    Ideal heavy duty cable cutter can efficiently cut 400mm2 (800MCM) copper aluminum cables, commonly used in a variety of industries including electrical engineering, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing.


    • A manual cutter tool for copper-aluminum cables is also used for fine-stranded copper wire.
    • HHD-500L cable cutter with an aluminum handle, which is lighter and stronger, and more convenient to carry.
    • The HHD-500 steel handle is comfortable to hold and has good lever transmission.


    Model ATO-HHD-500 ATO-HHD-500L
    Cutting Range 400mm2 (800MCM) Copper Aluminum Cable
    Weight 3.5kg 3.0kg
    Package Size 750x210x30mm 820x175x30mm
    Note: This small manual cable cutter is designed for copper and aluminum cables, not practical for cutting steel or steel wire.


    Heavy duty cable cutter tool is essential for cutting copper or aluminum wires and cables. Small manual cable cutter is commonly used in electrical wiring, telecommunications and industrial applications, power transmission and distribution systems, and manufacturing and DIY projects.

    Cable cutter applications

    Tips: Can cable cutters be sharpened if they become dull over time?

    It depends on the type of cable cutter. Some cable cutters have replaceable blades that can be easily swapped out when they become dull. Other types of cable cutters may need to be sent to a professional sharpening service to be restored to their original sharpness. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintaining and sharpening your cable cutter to ensure it stays in good working condition.

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