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    Hydraulic Cable Cutter, Φ50/75/85/95mm

    Manual hydraulic cable cutter is a cutting tool that can use hydraulic pressure to cut Φ50/75/85/95mm copper, aluminum or armored cables, typically used in industrial applications where large numbers of cables need to be cut quickly and efficiently.
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    This cable cutter is a hydraulic cable-cutting tool, especially for cutting Φ50/75/85/95mm copper, aluminum or armored cables, suitable for electricians, construction workers and other professionals who work with cables and wires.


    Model ATO-CPC-50 ATO-CPC-75 ATO-CPC-85 ATO-CPC-95
    Cutting Range Copper-aluminum/armored cable below Φ50mm Copper aluminum/armored cable below Φ75mm Copper-aluminum/armored cable below Φ85mm Copper-aluminum/armored cable below Φ95mm
    Output 7T 8T 8T 10T
    Weight 6.6kg 9.8kg 9.8kg 10.6kg
    Package Size 610x170x105mm 770x185x110mm 770x185x110mm 825x180x110mm
    Note: This hydraulic cable cutter is not suitable for cutting steel or steel wire.

    Dimensions (Unit: mm)

    hydraulic cable cutter dimensions


    Hydraulic cable cutter details


    Hydraulic cable cutter (cable shear) is a common tool widely used in electrical engineering, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing industries to cut copper, aluminum and armored cables and wires.

    Cable cutter applications

    Tips: What is a hydraulic cable cutter?

    A hydraulic cable cutter is a tool used to cut thick cables and wires. It is designed to use hydraulic pressure to cut through materials that are too tough for traditional manual cutters. The tool consists of a hydraulic pump, hydraulic hoses, and a cutting head that contains the cutting blade.

    When the hydraulic pump is activated, it creates pressure that is transmitted through the hydraulic hoses and to the cutting head. The pressure causes the cutting blade to close, cutting through the cable or wire. Hydraulic cable cutters are typically used in industrial and construction settings where large cables and wires need to be cut quickly and efficiently. They are also commonly used by emergency responders to quickly cut through cables and wires in rescue situations.

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