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    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 120W/120V/20A

    SKU: ATO-EL-120W
    Cheap DC electronic load comes with input power 120W, input voltage 120V, and input current 20A. It is a programmable electronic load that provides battery tests, automatic tests, over-power tests, over-current tests, short circuits tests and current monitoring functions.

    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 150W/120V/30A

    SKU: ATO-EL-150W
    Low cost 150W/100V/20A programmable DC electronic load can be an electronic battery load tester, equipped with USB/RS232 interface, primarily in the testing and validation of power sources, power supplies, batteries, and various electronic components.

    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 300W/150V/30A

    SKU: ATO-EL-300W
    Factory price 300W programmable DC electronic load for sale online, with a 150V output voltage and 30A output current. Digital electronic load tester can provide flexibility and accuracy in load testing, has become a valuable device in various industries that require precise control of electrical loads.

    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 600W/150V/120A

    SKU: ATO-EL-600W
    Buy a digital 150V/120A DC electronic load online, available with a USB/RS232 interface, CC/CV/CR/CW working modes and multiple functions. 600W programmable DC electronic load is suitable for testing power supplies, power supplies, batteries and various electronic components.

    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 1500W/500V/60A

    SKU: ATO-EL-1500W
    Get a programmable DC electronic load at low price. It comes with a 1500W power, 500V output voltage and 60A output current. High quality electronic battery load tester is designed to provide flexibility and accuracy in load testing.

    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 3000W/120V/240A

    SKU: ATO-EL-3000W
    High power 3000W DC electronic load is available with 120V input voltage, 240A input current and USB/RS232 interface. The programmable electronic load provides a range of functions, including battery testing, automated testing, over-power testing, over-current testing, short-circuit testing, and current monitoring.

    Digital electronic load (electronic load tester) is equipped with 120W to 3000W high power, built-in USB/RS232 interface, battery test function, automatic test function, over-power test function, over-current test function, short circuit function (CC/CV/CR/ CW working mode) and current monitoring function, is a device for simulating the behavior of electronic components, batteries and power supplies.

    Cheap programmable DC electronic load allows users to apply varying loads, programmable voltage, current, and resistance to evaluate the power source under different conditions and provides precise control of parameters such as resistance, voltage and current, widely used for electronics testing, product development, and quality assurance processes.