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    Programmable DC Electronic Load, 1500W/500V/60A

    Get a programmable DC electronic load at low price. It comes with a 1500W power, 500V output voltage and 60A output current. High quality electronic battery load tester is designed to provide flexibility and accuracy in load testing.
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    Affordable DC electronic load is available with 1500W input power, 500V input voltage and 60A input current. This programmable electronic load offers a range of functions, including battery testing, automated testing, over-power testing, over-current testing, short-circuit testing, and current monitoring.


    Model ATO-IT8514B+
    Rating (0~40℃) Input Voltage 0~500V
    Input Current 0~60A
    Input Power 1500W
    Min. Operating Voltage 0.25V/6A 2.5V/60A
    Constant Voltage Mode Range 0~50V 0~500V
    Resolution 1mV 10mV
    Accuracy ±(0.05%+0.02%FS) ±(0.05%+0.025%FS)
    Constant Current Mode Range 0~6A 0~60A
    Resolution 1mA 10mA
    Accuracy ±(0.05%+0.05%FS)
    Constant Resistance Mode Range 0.05~10Ω 10Ω~7.5kΩ
    Resolution 16bit
    Accuracy 0.02%+0.08S*2 0.02%+0.0008S
    Constant Power Mode Range 1500W
    Resolution 10mW
    Accuracy ±(0.2%+0.2%FS)
    Measuring Range
    Voltage Readback Value Range 0~50V 0~500V
    Resolution 0.1mV 1mV
    Accuracy ±(0.025%+0.025%FS)
    Current Readback Value Range 0~6A 0~60A
    Resolution 1mA 10mA
    Accuracy ±(0.05%+0.05%FS)
    Power Readback Value Range 1500W
    Resolution 10mW
    Accuracy ±(0.2%+0.2%FS)
    Protection Range
    Over Power Protection ≈1550W
    Over Current Protection ≈6.7A ≈67A
    Overvoltage Protection ≈530V
    Over Temperature Protection ≈85℃
    Short Circuit Current (CC) ≈6.7A/6A ≈67A/60A
    Voltage (CV) 0V
    Resistance (CR) ≈30mΩ
    Input Terminal Impedance ≈150kΩ
    Battery Test Capacity Max 999AH
    Dynamic Mode Frequency 0.1Hz~1kHz
    Dimensions 436.5x88.2x463.5mm
    Weight 15kg


    • The panel of the 60A 500V programmable DC electronic load can be edited, and the rotary coding switch makes it easier to operate. Built-in USB/RS232 interface, memory capacity of 100 groups, which can be stored in the instrument.
    • This 1500W electronic load tester has a battery test function, automatic test function, over-power test function, over-current test function, short-circuit function (CC/CV/CR/CW working mode), and current monitoring function.
    • Its voltage measurement resolution can reach up to 0.1mV/0.1mA, and its sense remote measurement function compensates for line voltage drops to make long-distance testing more accurate.


    ATO 1500W programmable DC electronic load can be used for testing batteries, power supplies, LED lighting, DC-DC converters, voltage regulators, solar panels, automotive electronics, aerospace and defense electronics, and educational training.

    Electronic load applications

    Tips: What is a programmable DC electronic load?

    A programmable DC electronic load is a test and measurement instrument used in electronics, power supply, and battery testing. It plays a crucial role in the development and quality control of these devices. What sets programmable electronic loads apart is their ability to be precisely configured and controlled to draw specific levels of current, voltage, resistance, and power from the source under test. This programmability enables engineers and researchers to recreate real-world operating conditions, assess the performance and efficiency of power sources, and diagnose any potential issues. These electronic loads often come equipped with digital interfaces for setting and monitoring load parameters, various operating modes like constant current or constant voltage, and built-in safety features to prevent over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature conditions. They find applications in diverse areas, including battery testing to determine capacity and discharge characteristics, power supply testing to ensure stability and efficiency, and the characterization of electronic components like voltage regulators and power amplifiers. The ability to create custom load profiles and sequences further enhances their utility, particularly in automated testing setups.

    When working with programmable DC electronic loads, safety is a paramount consideration. It's essential to adhere to power and voltage limits to prevent damage and potential safety hazards. Additionally, proper cooling and ventilation measures should be in place as electronic loads dissipate energy as heat during operation. The diversity of electronic loads available in the market caters to different testing needs, ranging from basic fixed-load models to highly advanced programmable and regenerative electronic loads. The regenerative types offer an added advantage by being capable of not only sinking power from the device under test but also regenerating it back into the electrical grid, making them energy-efficient and suitable for bi-directional testing. In essence, programmable DC electronic loads are indispensable tools for assessing and ensuring the performance, reliability, and safety of power sources and electronic components in various research, development, and manufacturing processes.

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