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    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 100-1000 mm

    SKU: ATO-UDS-100
    Small ultrasonic sensor at affordable price for sale, material is high quality nickel copper alloy, ultrasonic wave range is 100-1000mm. Sensor with switching output or analog output can be chosen. Ultrasonic distance sensor can be optimally adapted to the industrial.

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 100-700 mm

    SKU: ATO-UDS-700
    High frequency ultrasonic transducer (sensor) for sale online, 100-700mm detection distance in ultrasonic power transducer. Small ultrasonic transducer consumption current less than 50mA, IP67 waterproof grade for protection, is designed to deliver good performance and efficiency at an economical price.

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 150-1000 / 150-2000 mm

    SKU: ATO-UDS-2000
    High power ultrasonic transducer (sensor) with 150-1000mm or 150-2000mm detection distance, hold high quality distance measuring sensor module. NPN and PNP switch output on ultrasonic transducer can be provided. Good performance and efficiency ultrasonic transducer for sale at an economical price.

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 150-2000 mm

    SKU: ATO-UDS-150
    Affordable price long range ultrasonic sensor for sale, with 150-2000mm detection distance. Ultrasonic distance sensor with PNP open-collector output and 4-20mA output can be selected. Ultrasonic sensor for vehicle detection is a common usage in life.

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 200-2000 mm

    SKU: ATO-UDS-200
    Cost-effective ultrasonic wave sensor for sale online. Industrial and medicinal use of ultrasonic sensor is a common way. Ultrasonic sensor distance range is 200-2000mm, working temperature between -20 ℃to 60 ℃, storage temperature of long range ultrasonic sensor between -25 ℃ and 70 ℃. It applies in industry, biology and medical treatment.