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    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 200-2000 mm

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    Cost-effective ultrasonic wave sensor for sale online. Industrial and medicinal use of ultrasonic sensor is a common way. Ultrasonic sensor distance range is 200-2000mm, working temperature between -20 ℃to 60 ℃, storage temperature of long range ultrasonic sensor between -25 ℃ and 70 ℃. It applies in industry, biology and medical treatment.
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    Ultrasonic sensor maximum range is 2000mm, IP67 waterproof grade for protection. Ultrasonic sensor price is affordable, with high quality nickel copper alloy material. Switch output bright and dark can be set in ultrasonic distance sensor.


    Model ATO-UDS-200
    Detection Distance 200mm-2000mm
    Blind Area 150mm
    Standard Detector 100x100mm
    Supply Voltage 24V DC±10%
    Consumption Current Less than 50mA
    Response Time 48ms (min)
    Detection Accurancy ±0.25% FS
    Working Temperature -20 ℃—+60 ℃
    Storage Temperature -25 ℃—+70 ℃
    Vibration Frequency 10-55Hz
    Withstand Voltage 100VAC 50/60Hz, 1minute
    Insulation Electronic Resistance DC 500V, more than 20MQ
    Shell Material Nickel Copper Alloy (plastic part is PBT)
    Protection Level IEC IP67
    Certification CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Dimension (mm):

    200-2000mm ultrasonic sensor dimensionWiring:

    200-2000mm ultrasonic sensor wiringApplication:

    200-2000mm ultrasonic sensor applicationTips: The Difference Between Ultrasonic Sensor and Sonar Sensor
    Sonar sensors directly detect and identify objects in the water and outlines on the bottom. A sonar sensor sends out a sound wave signal, which bounces back when it encounters an object and calculates its distance and position based on the reflection time and wave pattern. Ultrasonic wave is a mechanical wave whose vibration frequency is higher than sound wave. It is produced by the vibration of the energy converter chip under the excitation of voltage. It has the characteristics of high frequency, short wavelength and small diffraction. Especially good directionality, can be turned into rays and directional transmission. Sonar sensor is mainly used to detect biology.

    Existing reviews of Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 200-2000 mm
    Accurate ultrasonic distance sensor
    I have been using this ultrasonic distance sensor for more than a year without any problems with accuracy. This ultrasonic distance sensor works great and is very accurate.
    From: Hacoy | Date: 14/11/2022
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    Small and practical ultrasonic distance sensor
    Small and practical ultrasonic distance sensor. I was able to carry this sensor easily. Outdoor temperatures are low, but the sensor works well. It has helped me a lot in my work.
    From: Teekay | Date: 09/11/2022
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    Helpful for my experiment
    I bought the ultrasonic distance sensor two months ago. This distance sensor has a wide detection range, which is very helpful for my experiment. I will buy it again.
    From: Alob | Date: 20/07/2022
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    Works well
    I bought two ultrasonic distance sensors. They are work as expected. Range is great and the price is available. No issues so far.
    From: Paulo | Date: 11/04/2022
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    Satisfy with this product
    This ultrasonic distance sensor used in electric tape measure project and was responsive. A few hours experimenting and I was very satisfied with this product. I will order more and recommend to my friends.
    From: Drew | Date: 16/03/2022
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    Definitely recommend!
    After having received them and tested, I have decided they are exactly what I was looking for! I'm very happy with this ultrasonic distance sensor. Definitely recommend!
    From: Alston | Date: 26/01/2022
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