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    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 150-2000 mm

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    Affordable price long range ultrasonic sensor for sale, with 150-2000mm detection distance. Ultrasonic distance sensor with PNP open-collector output and 4-20mA output can be selected. Ultrasonic sensor for vehicle detection is a common usage in life.
    SKU: ATO-UDS-150
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    Waterproof ultrasonic distance sensor with IP67 waterproof grade, robust rectangular metal housing with thread on the side. Ultrasonic measurement can reach 2000mm. Switch output bright and dark can be set on the small ultrasonic sensor.

    Specification: (If you need dual output, please contact us.)

    Model ATO-UDS-150
    Detection Distance 150mm-2000mm
    Blind Area 150mm
    Standard Detector 100x100mm
    Response Time 195ms (min)
    Resolution 0.35mm (analog resolution)
    Working Temperature -20 ℃—+60 ℃
    Storage Temperature -25 ℃—+70 ℃
    Working Time 35-85%RH
    Vibration Frequency 10-55Hz
    Withstand Voltage 1000VAC 50/60Hz
    Insulation Electronic Resistance DC 500V, 20 mohm or more
    Insulation Strength AC 500V, 50/60Hz,1 minute
    Shell Material ABS engineering plastics
    Protection Level IEC IP67
    Certification CE
    Warranty 12 months

    Action Mode Diagram:

    200-2000mm ultrasonic sensor npn and pnp action mode diagramDimension (mm):

    2000mm ultrasonic sensor dimension


    150-2000mm ultrasonic sensor applicationTips: The System Composition of Ultrasonic Sensor

    The ultrasonic sensor is mainly composed of the following four parts:

    • Transmitter. Through the vibrator (generally ceramic products, diameter of about 15 mm) vibration to produce ultrasonic waves and radiation to the air.
    • Receiver. When the oscillator receives the ultrasonic wave, it produces the corresponding mechanical vibration according to the ultrasonic wave, and converts it into electrical energy as the output of the receiver.
    • Control part. Through the integrated circuit control transmitter ultrasonic transmission, and judge whether the receiver received the signal (ultrasonic), and has received the size of the signal.
    • Power supply. Ultrasonic sensors are usually powered by external DC power supply with voltage of DC12V ± 10% or 24V ± 10%, which is supplied to sensors by internal voltage regulator circuit.
    Existing reviews of Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, 150-2000 mm
    Looks very solid
    The performance is pretty good for the price you pay and considering that it's a distance sensor. It worked awesome for my project easily achieving 300 mm precision.
    From: Guyenng | Date: 20/11/2022
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    Work perfectly in cold weather
    Orange is my favorite color. After receiving the 150-2000 mm ultrasonic distance sensor, it looks exactly like the picture. It is also perfectly fine to use in cold weather.
    From: Cboh | Date: 28/10/2022
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    Light ultrasonic distance sensor
    The ultrasonic distance sensor is very light and I need to carry it with me when I am on business. It is very convenient. I've been using this distance sensor for half a month and haven't found any problems so far.
    From: Biaxy | Date: 15/07/2022
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    Nice ultrasonic distance sensor
    I bought three ultrasonic distance sensors. These are nice devices to work with and are easy to use to implement for distance measurements. These units are completely silent as far as I can tell.
    From: Octavio | Date: 21/03/2022
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    High quality ultrasonic distance sensor
    I've been very satisfied with this product, the speed I received it, the quality and function. I plan purchase more ultrasonic distance sensors. In general, this is a very nice ultrasonic sensor for me.
    From: Alston | Date: 15/03/2022
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    I will buy a 150-2000mm ultrasonic distance sensor again.
    Thank you for your quick reply. I can quickly solve the problem of how to use my 150-2000mm ultrasonic sensor. If necessary, I will buy it again.
    From: Darre | Date: 04/01/2022
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