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    350W Oil Mist Eliminator, 1100Pa, 600 m³/h

    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ370
    Energy-saving oil mist eliminators for mechanical use are available, driven by 380V, 350W power supply with 1100Pa in wind pressure and 600 m³/h in air volume. This featured modal boasts quiet operation (58dB), high efficiency (99%), stable running and compact size, designed for ensuring clean, oil-free environment.

    1 hp (750W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1200Pa, 800 m³/h

    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ750
    380V three phase mechanical oil mist eliminators, also known as centrifugal oil mist filters, are for sale. Driven by a 750 W brushless motor, this long-life purifier offers air volume of 800 m³/h, blast pressure of 1200Pa and suction inlet diameter of 148mm with purification rate up to 99%. It is characterized with simple structure, high rotation speed, stable running and low noise (60dB).

    2 hp (1500W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1500Pa, 1200 m³/h

    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ1500
    Brushless motor-driven oil mist eliminators carry a 380V, 1500W (2hp) power supply, designed for continuous use, complete with strong suction (200mm in suction inlet diameter), a large air volume of 1200 m³/h and air pressure of 1500Pa. This purifier is equipped with a centrifugal impeller rotating at a high speed and its applications are typically found in CNC machine tools, cylindrical and surface grinders, milling machines and others.

    3 hp (2200W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1800Pa, 1500 m³/h

    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ2200
    Mechanical oil mist eliminators carry a 380V, 2200W (3hp) powerful motor, with 1800Pa in air pressure and 1500 m³/h in air volume. Featured with low noise (68dB), a rugged metal frame, outstanding filtering capability and long service life. This oil mist eliminator saves you time and money while improving performance.

    Oil mist eliminators are a professional equipment used for environmental protection in industry and it has wide applications in different machine tools and many other kinds of mechanical processing equipment for the extraction and filtration of pollutants such as oil mist, water vapor as well as dust thereby creating a clean and comfortable workplace for the benefit of workers’ health. Given that more and more companies and factories are being increasingly focused on the tidiness of their working environment, making oil mist eliminators a new choice for them, ATO satisfies their demands with a collection of oil mist eliminators which offer selectable voltages including 350W, 750W, 1500W and 2200W complete with relevant wind pressure and air volume respectively ranging from 1100Pa to 1800Pa and from 600 m³/h to 1500m³/h. Powered by 380V three phase brushless motors, ATO’s oil mist eliminators deliver the highest level of specialization and industry-proven reliability while striking a perfect balance between price and performance, ideal for integration into process machines.