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    2 hp (1500W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1500Pa, 1200 m³/h

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    Brushless motor-driven oil mist eliminators carry a 380V, 1500W (2hp) power supply, designed for continuous use, complete with strong suction (200mm in suction inlet diameter), a large air volume of 1200 m³/h and air pressure of 1500Pa. This purifier is equipped with a centrifugal impeller rotating at a high speed and its applications are typically found in CNC machine tools, cylindrical and surface grinders, milling machines and others.
    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ1500
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    Oil mist eliminators play an important part in the extraction and filtration of oil mist. With a 1500W three-phase motor as power supply, the machine can present remarkable performance while ensuring stable operation. A considerable air volume up to 1500Pa brings about impressive fume collection capability, in addition to which, the purifier also features low noise (65dB) and sufficient blast volume (1200 m³/h).


    Model ATO-OME-DER-YQ1500
    Voltage 380V (three-phase)
    Power 1500W
    Wind Pressure 1500Pa
    Air Volume 1200 m³/h
    Noise 65dB
    Efficiency 99%
    Diameter of inlet 200mm
    Diameter of outlet 14mm
    External dimension 677*420*513mm
    Installation dimensions 367*372mm
    Weight 55Kg


    Product structure diagram


    Tips:  Kind reminder for selection of oil mist eliminators
    Oil mist eliminators are generally applied for dealing with the oil mist and water mist produced during metal processing where cutting oil, emulsion and synthetic coolant are used.

    1. The filter element serves as an essential inner component of oil mist filters as it determines the filtering capacity of the latter. The filtration efficiency of a filter element is generally no less than 99.97% (0.3um). On this account, YQ series of oil mist eliminators are equipped with HEPA filters which raise the purification rate up to 99.997% and above.
    2. The oil mist eliminator of which the intelligent control system has a high degree of automation is recommended in that the intelligent control system is able to maintain a constant flow rate in light of the clogging and working condition of the filter element and if clogging indeed happens, the system will sound the alarm to remind the user to replace the filter element.
    3. The air volume should be coordinated with the suction in an oil mist eliminator. The blast engine works as the power system of eliminators which means it should provide sufficient flow rate in order to sweep out fume and dust and meanwhile adequate suction is necessary to overcome the resistance from the filter element as well as tubes.
    4. The noise should be low and the vibration should be small. The noise and vibration are mainly caused by the blast engine and the air flow. Therefore, quality blast engines are characterized by a well-designed volute structure which has a smooth surface and is helpful for the impeller to achieve dynamic balance, thus reducing the noise and vibration to a degree.
    5. Special emphasis should be placed on the overall structure of the oil mist eliminator by reason that an appropriate structure can not only lower the noise but also prevent premature clogging of the filter element and facilitate the replacement of it.
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    Widely used 2hp oil mist eliminator
    This 2hp oil mist eliminator has a wide range of uses. It can be used for CNC lathes, general lathes, milling machines, and machining centers to meet the needs of all walks of life.
    From: Cbirth | Date: 09/09/2021
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