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    350W Oil Mist Eliminator, 1100Pa, 600 m³/h

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    Energy-saving oil mist eliminators for mechanical use are available, driven by 380V, 350W power supply with 1100Pa in wind pressure and 600 m³/h in air volume. This featured modal boasts quiet operation (58dB), high efficiency (99%), stable running and compact size, designed for ensuring clean, oil-free environment.
    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ370
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    This cost-efficient oil mist eliminator integrated with centrifugal impeller, multi-layer filtration as well as HEPA filter carries high rotary speed, simple structure and convenient operation. It is energized by a three-phase motor with the rated voltage of 350W, wind pressure of 1100Pa and air volume of 600 m³/h, commonly used in processing centers, machine tools, grinder machines, gear milling, gear grinding, carve milling to clean up emulsion, cutting fluid, oil mist, fume and waste gases induced in production process.


    Model ATO-OME-DER-YQ370
    Voltage 380V (three-phase)
    Power 370W
    Wind Pressure 1100Pa
    Air Volume 600 m³/h
    Noise 58dB
    Efficiency 99%
    Diameter of inlet 148mm
    Diameter of outlet 14mm
    External dimension 650*370*470mm
    Installation dimensions 290*320mm
    Weight 43Kg

     Oil mist eliminators diagram

    Product structure diagram

    Product structure diagram of oil mist eliminator

    Tips: mechanical oil mist eliminator working principle

    1. The oil mist is extracted into the special filter and then the centrifugal separation system with the help of induced draft fan.
    2. Amid the centrifugal separation system, the impeller in high-speed rotation produces strong centrifugal force which, together with the acceleration of coalescer, combines oil mist particles over 3μm in diameter, transform them into liquid after isolating them from exhaust gas and leave them in the oil collecting device via the oil return port.
    3. Subsequently, the oil mist passes through multi-layer high-efficiency filter cotton pieces and air filter cartridge, successfully blocking those smaller oil mist particles
    4. Finally, the purified exhaust air is discharged up to the standard.
      Centrifugal technology is exactly at the core of this type of machine. First, the air containing oil mist is forced into the inlet of the eliminator by vacuum negative pressure generated from the high-speed revolving impeller. Then, the oil mist meets the primary filter in which liquid oil particles are left behind by the filter screen with the particles gathering into droplets, and finally dripping into the oil collecting tank, thus the preliminary filtration being complete. The remaining aerosol particles are pushed by the impeller to form a gas flow, condensed into liquid, intercepted by a medium-efficiency filter, and then again will gather and drip into the oil collecting tank to achieve further gas filtration. Lastly, the missing fine particles are intercepted by impact. The purified air can be discharged into the room for reutilization, and the separated oil can also be recycled after being discharged into the collecting cartridge from the oil outlet of the purifier.
    Existing reviews of 350W Oil Mist Eliminator, 1100Pa, 600 m³/h
    Highly recommend the Oil Mist Eliminator
    I recently purchased the Oil Mist Eliminator for my industrial facility. It effectively removes oil mist and other airborne contaminants from the air. Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance.
    From: Andrew | Date: 20/02/2023
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    Satisfied with Oil Eliminator
    Buying this oil mist eliminator from my friend recommendation. Amazing after using this unit to filter oil mist. So quiet when working with high efficiency. Stable running and portable to carry. It works so great. I am so happy to get this unit.
    From: Tylor | Date: 07/12/2022
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    Outstanding oil mist eliminator!
    I bought this oil mist elminator for weeks ago. This machine works really well. It took a minute to figure out how to put the oil in though. The instructions were somewhat helpful. And it has worked flawlessly.
    From: John | Date: 25/03/2022
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