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    3 hp (2200W) Oil Mist Eliminator, 1800Pa, 1500 m³/h

    Mechanical oil mist eliminators carry a 380V, 2200W (3hp) powerful motor, with 1800Pa in air pressure and 1500 m³/h in air volume. Featured with low noise (68dB), a rugged metal frame, outstanding filtering capability and long service life. This oil mist eliminator saves you time and money while improving performance.
    SKU: ATO-OME-YQ2200
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    Centrifugal oil mist eliminators are known for their rather efficient filtration technology while keeping costs down. Great suction with air volume and air pressure being 1500 m³/h and 1800Pa respectively leads to conspicuous purification effect. 380V three phase motor guarantees reliable power support as much as 2200W. Complete with quiet operation, this type of oil mist eliminators will be ideal for creating optimal working conditions and comfort.


    Model ATO-OME-DER-YQ2200
    Voltage 380V (three-phase)
    Power 2200W
    Wind Pressure 1800Pa
    Air Volume 1500 m³/h
    Noise 68dB
    Efficiency 99%
    Diameter of inlet 200mm
    Diameter of outlet 14mm
    External dimension 677*420*513mm
    Installation dimensions 367*372mm
    Weight 58Kg

     Oil mist eliminators diagram

    Product structure diagram

    Product structure diagram of oil mist eliminator

    Tips: Common failures of oil mist eliminators and their solutions

    1. Severe oil accumulation
      If the eliminator suffers sever oil accumulation, it’s likely that something goes wrong with the filtering system which might require the cleaning of the filter or the replacement of filter cotton in time. Another potential cause for this failure might consist in the much higher concentration of oily fume and water vapor lingering in the air, which disables the pre-filter. To address this problem, the amount of oil particles and water vapor kept in the filter should be restricted.
    2. Oil outlet clogging
      The oil outlet will get clogged if oil accumulated in quantity at the bottom of the eliminator, which will then disrupt the normal discharge of the accumulated oil. When it comes to this situation, a sensible solution would be to clean up the machine and drain the oil from the bottom. Repair or replace the oil outlet if needed so as to make sure that the oil mist eliminator could work normally.
    3. Excessive water vapor content
      When the device is covered with too much water vapor on the inner side, it is suggested to dry the interior to secure s smooth and clean surface, and also remember to wipe up the dirt on the inner surface at intervals.
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