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    Water Leakage Detectors

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    Smart Water Leakage Detector

    SKU: ATO-WLD-9
    Cheap price smart water leak detector with wireless range 45m, current 5 uA, 2.4 GHz WiFi technology supports. The water leakage detector connects the gateway to WiFi and instantly receives app notifications and alerts to your phone, plus emails to your inbox when water leakage is detected.

    Underground Water Leakage Detector

    SKU: ATO-WLD-F999E
    Cost-effective underground water leakage detector with adjustable 0-100db zoom-in, 60mA working current, and 9 V working voltage. The water pipe leak detector by collecting and analyzing leakage signals, solves the problem of pressure pipe water leaks.

    Water Leak Detector for Home

    SKU: ATO-WLD-2
    Home water leak detector with standby current 10μA, wireless range 45m, IP57 protection grade, 2.4 GHz WiFi technology supports provide the detector easy and stable connection. The completely sealed IP66 waterproof design allows for extended use in high moisture areas.

    Water Pipe Leak Detector

    Indoor pipeline water leak detector with 2000W power, ten levels of volume can be adjusted, equipped with a triangular sensor and a square sensor, the water pipe leakage detector is suitable for different detecting environments like indoor floors, walls, and cabinets.

    Wifi Water Leakage Detector

    SKU: ATO-WLD-4
    Goof price wifi water leakage detector for sale online with input voltage DC3V, low-voltage 2.6V, wall mounted and the alarm current is ≤160mA. The high-performance water leak detector can be put in the kitchen, living room, toilet, or anywhere you need to detect water leakage.

    Wireless Water Leakage Detector

    Lower cost wireless water leak detector for sale with water detection level from 0.4-3.2mm, input voltage is DC3V. When the water leakage detector probe detects water, it will immediately alarm and send a notification to APP.

    ATO water leak detector for sale online. Water leak detectors are also called moisture-sensitive detectors. As the name suggests, it mainly detects whether the floor of the room is flooded. ATO provide six kinds of water leak detector for selection. Water leak detection allows homeowners and businesses to quickly repair a problem before it gets out of hand, saving a great deal of trouble and expense later on. So water leak detection is not just for home use, water leak detections are also used in warehouses, machine rooms, and hospitals.