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    Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Water/Fuel/Oil/Powder, 0-60M

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    Ultrasonic level sensor has integrated structure and mainly consists of LCD display, ultrasonic probe and waterproof connector. Ultrasonic level sensor can be used for non-contact level measurement of various medium, such as liquid (water/fuel/oil), solid (metal or nonmetal), or powder (chemical materials), etc. The measuring range can be from 0-5m, 0-10m, 0-15m, 0-20m to 0-60m. The output signal can be 4-20mA or RS485/232. Ultrasonic level sensor also has optional power supply DC 24V or AC 220/50Hz.
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    Ultrasonic level sensor for non-contact liquid/solid/powder tank level measurement has maximum measuring range 0-60m, can transmit and output 4-20mA or RS485/232 signal to remote control system.


    Model ATO-LEVS-DP
    Shipping weight 2.5kg
    Measuring range * 0-5m, 0-10m, 0-15m, 0-20m, 0-30m, 0-40m, 0-50m, 0-60m
    Accuracy 0.5%FS
    Resolution 3mm, or 0.1% (choose the higher value)
    Display LCD display
    Output signal * 2-wire 4-20mA, 4-wire 4-20mA, RS485/232
    Additional relay output * 2 relays AC 250V/8A, 2 relays DC 30V/5A
    Power supply * DC 24V, AC 220V±15% / 50Hz
    Load 2-wire 4-20mA/250Ω, 4-wire 4-20mA/750Ω
    Response time 500ms
    Communication protocol Our own protocol
    Medium Water, fuel, oil, metal, or other liquid/solid/powder
    Environment temperature LCD display: -20~+60℃ (-4~+140℉), ultrasonic probe: -20~+80℃ (-4~+176℉)
    Working pressure 14.7 psi
    Protection class LCD display: IP65, ultrasonic probe: IP68
    Electrical connection 2 waterproof connector M18*1.5mm
    Installation* Nut with thread M48*2mm, M60*2mm, M78*2mm or M108*2mm (according to the measuring range and ultrasonic probe)
    Probe type * General probe, probe with PTFE shell, probe with small measuring blind zone
    Algorithm a. Algorithm of variable frequency
    Three adjustable emission frequency (low, medium and high) can meet the level measurements of different situations, such as sewage liquid level, acid and alkali liquid level, material level, etc. It can reduce the interference caused by the bubbles when mixing.
    b. Filtering algorithm (remove false echoes)
    The liquid level intelligent algorithm design effectively eliminates false echoes in actual measurement, improves signal-to-noise ratio, and guarantees actual liquid level measuring accuracy.
    Function Real-time monitoring and display 4 parameters: level (m), distance (m), current (mA) and temperature (℃).
    Warranty 12 months

    Note: * denotes optional parameters, you can select parameters in drop-down lists to finish your order. Some customizable parameters can't be selected from the lists directly, please contact customer service staff for further communication.

    Dimension (unit: mm):
    Ultrasonic level sensor for water/fuel/oil/powder 0-60m dimension
    Ultrasonic level sensor for water/fuel/oil/powder 0-60m wiring diagram
    Installation diagram:
    Ultrasonic level sensor for water/fuel/oil/powder 0-60m installation diagram


    Ultrasonic Level Sensor Details

    Tips: What is ultrasonic level sensor?

    The ultrasonic level sensor uses the time difference between the transmission and reception of sound waves and the propagation speed of sound waves to calculate the liquid level. The ultrasonic level sensor using non-contact measurement technology can be stably and reliably applied to continuous liquid level measurement in various open liquid/solid/powder tanks. Ultrasonic liquid level sensor is a very ideal measurement tool for corrosive, layered or acid-base wastewater. The media that can be measured by the ultrasonic level transmitter include industrial agents such as hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydroxide, waste water, resin, paraffin, mud, lye and bleach.
    ATO ultrasonic level sensor has the following characteristics:

    1. Simple structure, convenient reading, convenient installation and maintenance, high cost performance, low maintenance cost.
    2. The use of corrosion-resistant materials, safe and clean, long life, high precision, stable and reliable.
    3. Non-contact measurement is less affected by the viscosity and density of the liquid.
    4. There are various ranges to choose from (0.5m~60m range), which can be applied in different industrial environments.
    5. It has an RS-485 communication interface and adopts a special echo processing method to effectively avoid false echoes.
    Existing reviews of Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Water/Fuel/Oil/Powder, 0-60M
    Good ultrasonic level sensor
    Can you please contact me regarding the level sensor model -ATO-LEVS-DP. Is this rated for -14.7psi working pressure?
    From: Ailsa | Date: 30/05/2022
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, for the level sensor model - ATO-LEVS-DP, 14.7psi is working pressure, also atmospheric ambient pressure.
    0-60M ultrasonic liquid level sensor works well
    I decided to buy the 0-60M ultrasonic level sensor given that there is a lot of water shortage in our area. The municipal water supply is very intermittent and we depend on the storage tank. With this system, I don't have to constantly check the water level in our tank. So far, it has worked well. The signal range is better than I expected. The measurement is very accurate.
    From: Melanies | Date: 22/08/2021
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