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    Radar Level Sensor, Non-contact Water Level Measurement, 0-70M

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    Rader water level sensor using advanced non-contact radar measurement technology has measuring range from 0-10m, 0-30m, 0-50m, 0-60m to 0-70m, optional output signal 4-20mA, HART, RS485/232 and optional power supply DC 12-24V, AC 220V. Rader level transmitter consists of protection head with LCD display, waterproof connectors, internal radar antenna, horn and installation accessory, can be used for measuring liquid level of reservoir/ river/ lake/ water tank.
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    Ultrasonic level sensor for non-contact reservoir/ river/ lake/ tank water level measurement has maximum measuring range 0-70m, can transmit and output 4-20mA, HART or RS485/232 signal to remote control system.


    Model ATO-LEVS-RD909
    Shipping weight 2.5kg
    Measuring range * 0-10m, 0-30m, 0-50m, 0-60m, 0-70m
    Accuracy ±3mm
    Resolution 1mm
    Display LCD display
    Measured interval 1s (according to parameter setting)
    Adjustment time 1s (according to parameter setting)
    Microwave frequency 26GHz
    Output signal * 4-20mA (can be connected with HART), RS485/232
    Power supply * DC 12-24V, AC 220V/50Hz
    Material Shell: aluminum, process connection: 304 stainless steel, horn: 304 stainless steel
    Horn antenna size * Φ76mm (only for range less than 30m), Φ96mm, Φ121mm
    Pressure Maximum 4MPa
    Shock resistance 10m/s2, (10~150)Hz
    Communication protocol Modbus
    Medium Water
    Storage temperature -40~+100℃ (-40~+212℉)
    Process connection (antenna) temperature -40~+150℃ (-40~+302℉)
    Protection class IP67
    Electrical connection 2 waterproof connectors M20*1.5mm, or 2 waterproof connectors 1/2" NPT
    Installation * G1-1/2"A thread, vertical bracket, flange
    Warranty 12 months

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    Dimension (unit: mm):
    Radar level sensor for non-contact water/liquid/tank level measurement 0-70m dimension
    Radar level sensor for non-contact water/liquid level measurement 0-70m installation
    Radar level sensor for non-contact water level measurement 0-70m wiring

    Existing reviews of Radar Level Sensor, Non-contact Water Level Measurement, 0-70M
    Calibration certificate for ultrasonic level sensor
    Is it possible to get the calibration certificate of your radar level sensor?
    From: Jimc | Date: 09/07/2021
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    ATO Responded
    Yes, we can provide factory calibration certificate "free of charge".
    The use of radar level sensor
    The use of radar level sensor
    I need to use your radar level sensor (RD906) in order to measure the level of chocolate in a chocolate tank that can know how many chocolates used per hour. Does it work for such an application?
    From: Markr | Date: 13/08/2021
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    ATO Responded
    I need to know the following, so I can confirm:
    1. What is the size of the chocolate tank (length*width*height)? Is there any stirring rod inside?
    2. Is this chocolate tank sealed? If it is sealed, what is the pressure and temperature?
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