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    18" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS18
    Magnetic sweeper with wheels, 18 inch dimension, maximum suction 34 lbs, hand-held magnetic sweeper can pick up nails quickly in the yard, widely used in industrial or home use.

    24" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS24
    Rolling 24" magnetic sweeper for grass, 34 lbs maximum suction, professional magnetic nail pickup tool gives you a comfortable grip , can adjustable handle height.

    30" Magnetic Sweepers, 45 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS30
    30 inch magnetic sweeper with wheels for sale, 45 lbs maximum suction, quickly and easily remove particles, find screws, nuts, nails. Lifting handle releases iron nails, easy to use.

    36" Magnetic Sweeper, 45 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS36
    36 inch heavy duty magnetic sweeper, can lifts up to 45 lbs magnet, hand held magnetic sweeper with magnet release function, can adjustable handle length.

    Magnetic sweepers use the power of magnets to clean, they save your time. These machines are also known as magnetic brooms. You can use this sweeper to collect iron filings and scrap. These brooms are great for pulling any metal and steel parts.

    ATO offers 36"/30"/24"/18" magnetic sweeper with wheels for sale, pick up nails in yard, factory, road, lawn, beach, parking lot, etc. High quality rolling magnetic sweeper with release, cheap price, can pick up 45 lbs nails, metal, protect tires and pedestrians from sharp metal.

    Magnetic Sweeper Advantages:

    Magnetic sweepers can magnet small iron parts, screws, broken iron powder, etc. scattered in the work site to effectively ensure the cleanliness of the work, So what are the advantages of magnetic sweeper.

    Magnetic sweeper advantage

    • The absorbed raw materials can be recycled.
    • Simple structure, exquisite and beautiful appearance.
    • Long time to maintain high field strength, a push and a pull is so simple magic.
    • Magnetic field action surface directly to the ground, the removal rate is higher.
    • Suitable for use under various working conditions except for high temperature greater than 80Ā°.
    • Absorption of scattered small magnetic conductive parts, effectively guaranteeing operational safety.
    • Internal movable magnetic system, the handle adopts ergonomic design, through the handle adjustment.
    • The 36 inch magnetic sweepers can maintain the magnetic force for a long time, so it can be used for a long time.
    • The connecting rod adopts convenient connecting design, which makes it more convenient and quick to unload the materials.

    Points You Need to Consider When Buying a Magnetic Sweeper:

    Magnetic sweeper is widely used in our daily life. So what should we pay attention to when we buy magnetic sweeper? The following points you need to consider.

    Magnetic sweeper consider point

    • Handle Configuration. Pushing a magnetic sweeper is similar to pushing a mop or broom. Anyone who's done some mopping can tell you that the height of the handle is what ultimately what determines how your lower back feels after you're done cleaning up. In the case of magnetic sweepers, which can be heavy compared to brooms or mops, it's especially important to consider handle length.
    • Magnetic Power. You will want to know that the sweeper you're selecting is powerful enough to pull-up metal from the places you want to sweep. Sweepers that are equipped to handle hardwood floors aren't necessarily going to be well equipped to pull nails from tall grass. Additionally, if you're dealing with any significant amount of metal, then ultimate carrying capacity of the sweeper's magnet is something you'll want to think about. For smaller cleanups, a capacity of at least one pound is enough to snatch-up loose debris.
    • Build Quality. The tread of the wheels may or may not be equipped to handle slick or rugged terrain. The screw threads which attach the handle to the base might be easily worn down. The handle itself might be too heavy, or made of flimsy aluminum that feels like it's ready to bend in your hand.

    5Ā Application Fields of Magnetic Sweeper:

    Magnetic sweeper comes with different feature configurations to suit different applications. In the following, there are 5 application fields of magnet sweeper.

    • Aviation. Airfields use magnetic sweepers to remove foreign object debris (FOD) that poses a risk of damaging aircraft or injuring personnel.
    • Agriculture. Agricultural workers use magnetic sweepers to keep facilities free from metal objects that could hurt personnel, harm livestock, or destroy equipment.
    • Construction. Construction workers use magnetic sweepers to remove excess metal debris from worksites that could cause injury to employees or damage to equipment.
    • Manufacturing. Manufacturing facilities use magnetic sweepers tocollect material waste (e.g, blanks, grindings, andshavings) that could injure employees or damage equipment.
    • Transportation. Highway and other infrastructure authorities use magnetic sweepers to keep roadways clear and safe for cars and other vehicles.