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    Magnetic Sweepers

    ATO 36"/30"/24"/18" magnetic sweeper with wheels for sale, pick up nails in yard, factory, road, lawn, beach, parking lot, etc. High quality rolling magnetic sweeper with release, cheap price, can pick up 45 lbs nails, metal, protect tires and pedestrians from sharp metal.

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    18" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS18
    Magnetic sweeper with wheels, 18 inch dimension, maximum suction 34 lbs, hand-held magnetic sweeper can pick up nails quickly in the yard, widely used in industrial or home use.

    24" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS24
    Rolling 24" magnetic sweeper for grass, 34 lbs maximum suction, professional magnetic nail pickup tool gives you a comfortable grip , can adjustable handle height.

    30" Magnetic Sweepers, 45 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS30
    30 inch magnetic sweeper with wheels for sale, 45 lbs maximum suction, quickly and easily remove particles, find screws, nuts, nails. Lifting handle releases iron nails, easy to use.

    36" Magnetic Sweeper, 45 lbs

    SKU: ATO-MS36
    36 inch heavy duty magnetic sweeper, can lifts up to 45 lbs magnet, hand held magnetic sweeper with magnet release function, can adjustable handle length.