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    24" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs

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    Rolling 24" magnetic sweeper for grass, 34 lbs maximum suction, professional magnetic nail pickup tool gives you a comfortable grip , can adjustable handle height.
    SKU: ATO-MS24
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    Industrial magnetic sweeper can be used not only in yards, lawns, but also in workshops, factories, and roads. It is an ideal magnetic nail pickup tool.


    Model ATO-MS24
    Dimension 24 inch
    Maximum Suction 15kg (34 lbs)
    Color Silver
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Weight 12kg


    1. Easily pick up metal shavings, nails, staples, bolts, screws, etc.
    2. Rubber grip, adjustable height range.
    3 The magnetic deck can be adjusted indoors and outdoors for best results.
    4. Powerful magnetic attraction.
    5. Professional supplier magnetic roll sweeper has a wide range of applications. Ideal for workshops, factories, roads, lawns, beaches, parking lots and other machinery, mechanics, carpenters, roofers and DIY.


    Magnetic nail sweepers applications

    Existing reviews of 24" Magnetic Sweeper, 34 lbs
    Sturdy magnetic sweeper
    I bought the 24" magnetic sweeper. The iron scraps on the workroom floor are hard to sweep up. So, I bought this tool and found that the build quality is actually much better than I expected. The magnets inside are very strong! Even tiny metal pieces and the metal dust from grinding can be picked up. As soon as I pulled the release handle, everything fell into the waste bin. I am very satisfied with the quality and its well-done job in my application.
    From: Bailey | Date: 15/07/2021
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    Great Wheeled Magnet for the Price
    Get this! We recently had our roof done, I walked around with a broom and dust pan to sweep everything up as much as I could. Then I followed up with a backpack blower. I ended up buying this cheap magnetic broom off Amazon. Exactly what I expected for what I paid.
    From: Feabert | Date: 11/10/2021
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