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    36" Magnetic Sweeper, 45 lbs

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    36 inch heavy duty magnetic sweeper, can lifts up to 45 lbs magnet, hand held magnetic sweeper with magnet release function, can adjustable handle length.
    SKU: ATO-MS36
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    Industrial 36" magnetic sweeper with release,  lift the handle and quickly release the nail. Magnetic road sweeper is widely used in workshops, factories, roads, lawns, beaches, parking lots.


    Model ATO-MS36
    Dimension 36 inch
    Maximum Suction 20kg (45 lbs)
    Color Silver
    Certification CE, RoHS
    Weight 20kg


    1. Easily pick up metal shavings, nails, staples, bolts, screws, etc.
    2. Rubber grip, adjustable height range.
    3 The magnetic deck can be adjusted indoors and outdoors for best results.
    4. Powerful magnetic attraction.
    5. Professional supplier magnetic roll sweeper has a wide range of applications. Ideal for workshops, factories, roads, lawns, beaches, parking lots and other machinery, mechanics, carpenters, roofers and DIY.


    Magnetic nail sweepers applicationsTips:
    ATO professional supplier magnetic sweeper has a wide range of applications: yard, house, industry, workshop, factory, road, lawn, beach, parking lot, etc.

    Existing reviews of 36" Magnetic Sweeper, 45 lbs
    Powerful magnetic sweeper
    I used this magnetic sweeper to clean up the house that was burned by the fire. After burning some discarded boards, I used the sweeper to suck out all the metal parts. It is very convenient to pull the lever to release the magnetic force. This magnetic sweeper is a great help for the work about recycling and material reuse. It would be exceedingly difficult to require manpower for everything.
    From: Charles | Date: 16/07/2021
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    Strong suction
    The roof of my garage is being repaired, you can imagine how many nails are left on the ground, I need a magnetic sweeper to suck up the nail waste, it turns out that it works very well, just push the wheel and the nails will automatically be sucked up.
    From: Jackson | Date: 20/04/2022
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