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    Radial Piston Motor

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    10 hp 1000~1500 rpm Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor, 20MPa

    SKU: ATO-RPHM-1020
    Cheap radial piston hydraulic motor for sale. Rated power 8/9/10 hp (6/7/8kW), rated pressure 16~25MPa, high torque 284~376N.m, theoric specific torque 11~24N.m/MPa, maximum speed 1000~1500 rpm, displacement 60~160cc (mL/r) for selection. Good manufacturer radial piston engine, low price.

    15 hp 100-280cc Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor, 25MPa

    SKU: ATO-RPHM-1525
    Buy radial piston hydraulic motor at good price. Optional working power 15/16/17 hp (11/12/13kW), rated pressure 16~25MPa, torque 419~653N.m, theoric specific torque 17~41N.m/MPa, maximum speed 500~1250 rpm, displacement 100~280cc (mL/r). High torque radial piston engine for sale, professional manufacturer.

    20 hp 175-400cc Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor, 20MPa

    SKU: ATO-RPHM-2020
    Affordable price radial piston hydraulic motor for sale. Rated power 17/20/21 hp (13/15/16kW), working pressure 18/20/25MPa, high torque 670~1008N.m, theoric specific torque 27~56N.m/MPa, maximum speed 350~1000 rpm, displacement 175~400cc (mL/r). High torque and low speed radial piston engine, wide applications.

    40 hp 400-750cc Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor, 25MPa

    SKU: ATO-RPHM-4025
    High torque low speed radial piston hydraulic motor for sale. Rated power 40~48 hp (30~36kW), working pressure 16/20/25MPa, torque 1451~1785N.m, theoric specific torque 59~112N.m/MPa, maximum speed 320~630 rpm, displacement 400~750cc (mL/r). Radial piston engine produced by high-quality manufacturer.

    50 hp 600-1000cc Radial Piston Hydraulic Motor, 20MPa

    SKU: ATO-RPHM-5020
    Professional manufacturer radial piston hydraulic motor for sale. Optional rated power 41/48/50 hp (31/36/38 kW), low speed 300~500 rpm, high torque 2282~2629N.m, rated pressure 16/20/25MPa, theoric specific torque 91~148N.m/MPa, displacement 600~1000cc (mL/r). Competitive price radial piston engine, wide applications.

    Radial piston hydraulic motor working principle

    When the pressure oil enters the bottom of the plunger in the cylinder through the window of the fixed oil distribution shaft 4, the plunger protrudes outward and tightly supports the inner wall of the stator, because there is an eccentric distance between the stator and the cylinder. At the contact between the plunger and the stator, the reaction force of the stator to the plunger is . The force can be decomposed into two components and . When the oil pressure acting on the bottom of the plunger is p, the diameter of the plunger is d, and the angle between the force and the force is X, the force produces a torque on the cylinder body, causing the cylinder body to rotate. The cylinder body then outputs torque and rotational speed through the transmission shaft connected at the end face.

    Classification of hydraulic motors

    • According to the structural form, it is divided into several main forms: gear type, vane type and plunger type.
    • According to the speed and torque range: high-speed motor and low-speed motor.
    • Gear-type hydraulic motor: simple in structure and cheap in price, it is often used in occasions with high speed, low torque and low requirements for motion stability. Such as driving grinders, fans, etc.

    Vane hydraulic motor: small moment of inertia, sensitive action, low volumetric efficiency, soft mechanical characteristics, suitable for occasions above medium speed, small torque, requiring frequent starting and reversing.

    Axial plunger motor: high volumetric efficiency, large adjustment range, good low-speed stability, poor impact resistance, often used in high-pressure systems with high requirements.