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    Handheld Digital Vibration Meter, Bearing Vibration Tester

    Factory price vibration tester equipped with a magnetic chuck, used for vibration measurement of mechanical equipment. It is easy to hold and use. The vibration meter is widely applied to mechanical manufacturing, electric power, metallurgy, and other industrial measurements. A digital vibration meter is an ideal tool for equipment condition monitoring.

    Handheld Vibration Meter

    This handheld vibration test meter is easy to use, compact design with acceleration, velocity and displacement measurement and selectable vibration frequency, to help you check the vibration of motors, machineries, bearings etc. Low cost and high accuracy.

    Portable Vibration Meter

    This portable digital vibration meter is widely used to test the vibration of industrial machines and equipment in a reliable and accurate way, with multi-functions like holding the max. value, optional temperature unit, directly displaying the result and condition, thus assist you to learn about the equipment condition easily.

    Portable Vibration Tester, Vibration Check Meter

    Get a vibration meter at low price from It is a digital vibrometer meter with an electrical acceleration sensor for measuring the routine vibration of mechanical equipment. Acceleration measurement range is 0.1~199.9m/s2 peak. The portable vibration tester can measure vibration speed, acceleration and displacement. Handheld vibration meter is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation and other fields.

    Handheld Pen Vibration Meter, Motor Vibration Tester

    Pen vibration meter is a good tool for measuring vibration. Handheld vibration meters can quickly detect defects in motors, fans, pumps, compressors and machine tools. Low cost motor vibration tester supports different vibration frequency options, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, automotive, etc.

    Vibration Meter is an instrument used to measure the acceleration, velocity and displacement. ATO online store provides you two models of handheld vibration meter, easy to use and portable to carry. The vibration meter can be applied in mechanical manufacturing, electric metallurgy, general aviation etc. Now let's dive into the product page and get the details.