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    Portable Vibration Tester, Vibration Check Meter

    Get a vibration meter at low price from It is a digital vibrometer meter with an electrical acceleration sensor for measuring the routine vibration of mechanical equipment. Acceleration measurement range is 0.1~199.9m/s2 peak. The portable vibration tester can measure vibration speed, acceleration and displacement. Handheld vibration meter is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, chemical industry, aerospace, aviation and other fields.
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    Low price vibration meter for sale online. The digital vibration meter can measure vibration speed, acceleration and displacement. It has an acceleration measurement range of 0.1~199.9m/s2 peak. The vibration tester uses a piezoelectric accelerometer to convert the vibration signal into an electrical signal, analyze the input signal, and display the vibration speed, acceleration, and displacement.


    • Model: ATO-HT1201
    • Vibration acquisition: piezoceramic accelerometer (shearing type)
    • LCD display: Three and a half digit display
    • Acceleration: 0.1-199.9m/s2( peak value)
    • Speed: 0.1-199.9mm/s(effective value)
    • Displacement: 0.001-1.999mm (effective value)
    • Measurement accuracy: +(5%+2digits)
    • Acceleration: 15Hz-1KHz (LO), 1KHz-10KHz (HI)
    • Speed: 15Hz-1KHz (LO)
    • Displacement: 15Hz-1KHz (LO)
    • Temperature measurement: 0℃-60℃
    • Temperature accuracy: +2C
    • Automatic power-off time: 4 minutes
    • Power supply: 3*AA batteries
    • Operation temperature: 0℃-45℃
    • Storage temperature: -20℃-60℃
    • Weight of the host: 140g
    • Dimension of the host: 152mmx75mmx32mm

    Portable Vibration Tester Details

    Details of portable vibration tester

    Details of portable vibration tester

    ① Frequency analog bar ② LOW: low-frequency indication(<1KHZ) ③ Measurement reading
    ④ MAX: Maximum value ⑤ Temperature readings ⑥ Temperature unit (C: Degree centigrade, F: Fahrenheit degree)
    ⑦ Acceleration unit: m/s2, Speed unit: mm/s, Displacement unit: mm ⑧ High: High-frequency indication (>1KHZ) ⑨ Battery level indication

    Tips: The use considerations of vibration meter

    • Don't dismantle the casing of the instrument.
    • Don't use the vibration meter in an environment with explosive gas, steam and damp environment.
    • When the measurement is carried out near the rotating part of the machine, operate carefully to avoid being pulled into the machine.
    • Please use a dry cloth to wipe the instrument case at the time of cleaning. Don't use corrosive detergents.
    • Please take out the battery if the instrument is not in use for a long time or the storage temperature is higher than 50℃ to avoid corrosion to the vibration tester due to battery leakage.
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